Anal receiving

Anal giving means that your partner is willing to give anal sex to you, either with their penis or through the use of a strap on. This gives you the chance to experience what it is like to be penetrated, which can leave you feeling fantastic and also fulfill a desire that many people have but don't act out. You can start with some light anal play first before moving on to full penetration, as the control should be with you.

One of the most important things to remember about anal play and anal sex is that there is no rush. Some mistakenly think it is better to get straight in there so that they can get the pain over with, but it is better (and safer) to take your time. Working your way up will mean that, not only are you more relaxed, which will allow your partner better access, but you are much more likely to enjoy it and want to try it again. Using plenty of lubrication can also help, as your partner can slip inside you a little easier.

If you are looking to try anal play, remember to clean thoroughly. Simply standing in the shower and allowing the water to pass over you isn't enough - you will need to actively get the nasty surprises out of there. Using warm water and soap, lather yourself up all over to get yourself nice and relaxed before you go to your ass. Very carefully clean the general area before focusing on your asshole. Slip a wet finger slowly in there, gently rubbing to remove any of the stuff that has accumulated there. Give yourself a thorough clean and you are good to go.

When it comes down to it, tell your partner what you want. If you'd like some rimming before your take their surprise, let them know so that you can be fully relaxed and enjoying yourself before it happens. If you need to take a break throughout the proceedings, tell them. It will ensure you both have a great time while also respecting your boundaries.

For those with partners willing to receive anal, it is important to understand what is and isn't acceptable with anal play, and what to do when it comes down to doing it. Each person is different, and what one person may love during anal sex could be very different to what another may like. You will need to communicate with your partner to find out what works for both of you, while also ensuring you both still have a great time.

With any type of anal play, you will need to use lube. While condoms do have their own already, it is best to use more. There are so many different types of lubricants available that there is bound to be something suitable you can use. If you aren't sure how much to use, there should be instructions on the packet, but as a rule of thumb it is best to have too much and not too little. Anal play without plenty of lubrication can not only be uncomfortable but also painful, which can really ruin the mood. Another thing to keep in mind is that going from the ass to the vagina can transfer bacteria and cause an infection, so if you feel the need to do this, change the condom first. Your lady will appreciate it and you'll both have a better time because of it.

If your partner hasn't tried anal before, take your time. Don't try to dive straight in there. Instead, get them nice and relaxed, maybe with a massage, and pay special attention to their bum. Use some lube and try just playing with their ass before slipping the tip of your finger in. If they don't enjoy the feeling or want to stop, listen to them. If they want to continue, try moving your finger a tiny bit by wiggling it, and very slowly see if you can slide further in. Over time they will be able to relax enough to allow your penis to slide in, giving you a nice tight sensation.

Anti Stress Massage

Anti Stress Massage

Stress is an immense problem we all have to deal with, in different manners. One of the best ways to get rid of this issue is with a relaxing massage! Some people ask their partners to treat them with an anti-stress kneading, but many are single and some have partners whose hands are not the main reason they chose them. Fortunately, now you have the chance to enjoy a relaxing massage and get rid of both mental and physical pressure even if you have a clumsy partner or you are alone, thanks to the talented escorts who are specialised in different types of rubbing!

Not only does your favourite escort help you relax your muscles, but also your whole nervous system. It combines ancient techniques from Chinese massage with new modern methods, and using balanced moves when touching your head, neck, as well as shoulders and back. In addition, the sexy courtesan will make sure your body is relaxed on a comfy bed while blending her experienced moves with the calming aroma of essential oils from flowers and plants.

The anti-stress massage is the perfect choice for people who experience back, neck as well as shoulder tension. Most people who work in an office encounter this issue. Working in an agitated environment and sitting on an uncomfortable chair might cause you more displeasure than you imagine. But by good luck, the sexy service workers offer all of you the physical and mental peace you are looking for. This is done by increasing the circulation and releasing the muscle tensions while massaging the problematic body areas in a relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to get rid of the tension and pain you are carrying around, you need somebody with magic hands, don't you? Well, since experience brings the magic, in this case, make sure you find the perfect girl or girls to bring you the comfort you desperately need. Before booking an encounter, make sure you discuss your issues and your needs with the sexy courtesan you want to massage the stress away! Also, if you want to make the meeting more interesting, consider having two or even three females taking care of your tensioned areas. This desire should also be discussed if it is on her profile. Once you agreed on everything, you just have to get ready for an amazing anti-stress massage from your favourite escorts!

Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

Aromatherapy is the method of using plant materials and aromatic plant oils for the purpose of improving the clients mood, psychological, cognitive or physical wellbeing. It is used as complimentary therapy, or more controversially, alternative medicine. You will find most aromatherapy escorts are female, as it is considered a more feminine pursuit, but that doesn't mean there aren't men willing to perform the service.

Female aromatherapy escorts will use blends of therapeutic essential oils which are given to the client through massages, inhalation and water immersion. Though clinical professionals say there is no real evidence this works, those who practice aromatherapy and those who receive it swear by it. It is obviously up the individual how much he or she ''believes".

One of the reasons it is supposed to work is the fact that the aroma's have an effect on the brain. Also, the direct effect of the oils on the body are also supposed to have a really special impact. There is a great variety when it comes to female aromatherapy escorts. You can have young sexy girls, middle aged women, and those who are at the top and of the age spectrum. This is one of the things that makes it all so popular.

Even if you have never thought of meeting a female aromatherapy escort, why not try it out? Who knows, the effect could be life changing. If you had experience in this area, you have certainly come to the right place to find that special companion.

There are two main types of female aromatherapy escort who advertise on our pages. There is the 'incall' escort and the 'outcall' escort. An incall escort will ask you to come to a place of their choosing, whilst an outcall escort will happily come to your home of hotel room. There are plenty of women in both categories, so it should be simple to find one who fits your requirements.

Once you have worked out who you want to see, pick up the phone and get making that all important call. What are you waiting for?

Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage

One of the most erotic forms of massage is the one performed by a body to body massage escort. This particular service is usually done by women, though occasionally it can also be done by a man. A body to body massage usually begins with a man lying on a massage table, and a female escort getting into a state of undress. This can range from the escort wearing sexy underwear, to having on nothing at all. If they do naked massage, this will be made clear on their escort profile.

At this point, the female body to body massage escort will climb on top of the client, and start massaging him. The girls hands will rub over his body, as he gets more and more excited. The hot young girl, or mature woman will often get into different positions, as she rubs him in different areas. A female body to body massage escort will certainly know the areas to touch.

Many clients enjoy the body to body experience, as meeting these women can be a lot more exciting than the traditional escort experience. It is one of the reasons the service has become so popular. If you are wanting to have that perfect date with female body to body massage escort, it really is easy. You just need to work out where you want to meet them. If you want a sexy woman to come round your house or hotel room, then search for an outcall escort. If you want to visit a horny older female at her place, away from prying eyes, then it is an incall escort you should be searching for. This information is all available on the escort profiles, so it is just a case of having a look.

Meet a lovely body to body massage escort today. One of the sexiest moments of your life may just be moments away. A body to body massage escort experience is one of the horniest around. Find out more about this kind of encounter with our Escort nairobibabes guide.

Body Massage

Body Massage

Body worship is a huge part of submission, where one person physically revers another person's body, or a specific area of their body. The submissive will be encouraged, with words or through punishment, to kiss and lick the part of the body that they are worshiping. However, worshiping can be done without encouragement from the dominant, as the submissive may just use their words and body to show how much they appreciate the beauty of the specific part.

There are a few different types of worship, but the most common are genital worship (penis or vagina), ass worship, and foot worship (which ties in to foot fetishes). While each area of worship and how to show appreciation of it may differ, it tends to be performed with either the submissive kneeling before their mistress or master to show they are lowly, or with them lying on their back and their mistress/master presenting them with the object they so adore. The dominant person in the relationship is still in control, as they can withdraw themselves from the affection at any time, should they feel it no longer pleases them.

Face sitting and smothering can tie in heavily with genital and ass worship, as the dominant can force the submissive to pleasure them and show appreciation via oral servitude. The submissive may also find this position gives them better access to the part they want to worship, so they can pleasure and please their master fully. It can also allow the submissive access to the ass if this is the area they adore most, allowing them to perform rimming.

Foot worship is usually done with the submissive on their knees before their mistress or master. The dominant may offer their foot to them, letting them kiss and lick at it. If the mistress is wearing stockings, they might instruct the submissive to remove them with their mouth before they can suck on their toes. While these are the main areas, body worship can be performed on any body part. Let your dom know which part you want to worship and beg them to allow you to do it.



Bondage, sometimes called ligotage, is where you or your partner are restrained by the other, usually for erotic purposes. Anything can be used as a restraint, such as rope, cuffs, or even specially made tape. It can be light bondage, as part of a tie-and-tease play, or it could be more extreme for the purposes of torture. Just how far you are both willing to go with bondage is up to you and your partner, and when practiced in a consensual environment bondage can be a big turn on and fantastic fun to try.

Communication is a key part of any bondage play. First of all, you will need to discuss exactly what type of play you are looking for. While being tied up and torture isn't for everyone, it might be just the thing you are looking for. Talking about what you feel is and isn't acceptable to you will help your partner make sure they don't go beyond your limits. Your conversation will also give you both the chance to agree on a safe word, which you will be able to use if you need the bonds to be made a bit looser, or if you need a drink before you continue.

Selecting what you will be restrained with can be an important part of the session. Some will be happy to be tied and restrained by rope, but others may prefer tape to avoid the chaffing that can be caused by rope. Why not experiment with different restraints to see what works best for you?

With bondage there are many different things you can act out with it. It could be pure torture, where you are tied and left completely at the mercy of your mistress, or it could be simply to train you in obedience, or as punishment as part of a humiliation play. The use of bondage can allow you to act out many of your desires, so let your imagination go wild.

Cane Whipping

Cane Whipping

Everyone needs to unwind every once in a while. We don't want to cope with stress every day and there are times when we want to let go of all responsibilities. Some men like to escape reality by having a soothing massage, whereas other like to give up all control and get caned and whipped. Caning and whipping fall under the theme of inflicting pain, but it's a specific kind of kink for people who are satisfied with the feeling of hard leather against their skin. You would be surprised at how many gorgeous women are more than happy to give you the punishment that you deserve.

If you think that you are the only one who likes this fetish, then you have nothing to worry about. There are plenty of guys who get turned on by the hard slap of a cane or a whip against their skin. The normal areas where a female escort would hit you would be on the chest, stomach, legs, back and ask. For men who want to heighten their senses, they can ask their favourite companions to be daring and slap them on their palms and feet. Some guys can experience a lot of pleasure in areas where it's so painful to hit!

When you're encountering a sexy woman who wants to whip you into shape, you have to remember that you are there to please your mistress. Your lady would reward you by making your fantasy come true; making you feel satisfied at the end of the appointment. There are a variety of ways your ideal dominatrix would start the meeting. She could force you to lie down flat on a bed or bind your wrists together in rope and suspend you from the ceiling. From there, your sexy courtesan will tell you that you have to be a good little boy throughout the whole encounter!

You shouldn't believe that there is no one out in the big wide world who can cuff you to the bed and spank you with a cane. There would be at least one attractive escort who is available to give you the session that you've been dying to have. Even though there are plenty of woman who offer you cane/whipping services everywhere, not all of them would know what your limits are. Therefore, it is advised that you discuss with your chosen dominatrix what you're OK with and what would be too intense for you to handle. When you've finally set up a meeting with your ideal mistress, you had better prepare to be blown away to a world of pain and pleasure!



You might decide that you want someone else to take control of your chastity, and that is when you start to look for a mistress or a dom who loves chastity control. As the name suggests, you would totally give yourself over to your dominatrix to enjoy some BDSM. They would have complete control over when your chastity ends, deciding if you have been good enough to be allowed release or if they will leave you begging for it that little bit longer. They will take total control over you and your release, so if you are ready to give yourself over completely, this is the thing for you.

Chastity means different things to different people, so before you get started, you will want to talk to your favourite dominatrix about what you are looking for. You might simply want someone to deny release to you, making you beg for it before sending you on your way still desperate for release. However, a lot of people decide that they want a chastity device for this type of BDSM, such as a chastity belt or cock cage, for their fun. This means that the denial is not just a mental and emotional thing, but also physical and much more intense.

The control can extend way beyond your meeting with your dominatrix. Some decide that they will only allow themselves release when their mistress gives them permission, and this means that they can go for months without getting what they want. You might want to set up a safe word with the one controlling you so that, if things get too much, you can gain release, but a good slave will find that there is great satisfaction in lasting until your sexy mistress gives you permission for release from the chastity control.

The torture of it, of being squeezed tightly into a belt, only to be freed when their dom allows it, is a huge turn on for many. Your dominatrix will want to see you begging for release, and they might let you out of your belt or cage only to decide that they will not let you cum at all. The chastity control can last anywhere from half an hour during your booking to a full month, making this the ultimate BDSM experience. They want to know that you are obeying their every command and that you are totally theirs. If you can do this and be a good slave to them, then you may just get a reward.


Cum In Mouth

CIM stands for cum in mouth, where you ejaculate into your partner's mouth. It is just one of the many ways in which you can end your session, if your partner is happy to try it. It can be a fantastic way to end, as your partner may wish to finish you off with their mouth, meaning that moving to a new position isn't needed. You can simply enjoy the sensations being given to you by your partner and let things happen more naturally.

Finishing in this way might be fun for you, but you should at least discuss the idea with your partner first. They may not feel comfortable doing it for many reasons. For some, the taste of cum is too much and they cannot stand it. For others, the idea of cum being in their mouth just grosses them out. While you can try changing your diet to improve the taste (healthy eating is preferable here), your partner still may not be open to the idea. If they aren't, respect their wishes. There are plenty of other things you can do instead!

This might be a no brainer, but when it comes the time to release, give your partner some warning. We're not suggesting screaming it from the rooftops, but a simple "I'm cumming" will suffice. They can prepare for your load better that way, and are less likely to jump at the sudden surprise you give them.

Sometimes that many people worry about is the old "to swallow or to spit" dilemma. You may not have a preference, but a good number of people do, and your partner might be one of them. If they choose to spit, try not to take it hard. It doesn't mean they find you disgusting - it could just be that they are worrying about their health. Talk to your partner afterwards and discuss what you would do differently next time. It may be that they wish to try swallowing, or that they've like to finish you in this way while you perform reverse oral on them.

Some Escorts practise CIM with Condom.The key difference between CIM and CIM (with condom) is, as you've guessed it, that you are wearing a condom when this happens. Not only do you still get your happy ending, but you also get to be safe in the knowledge that it is all safe, as the condom stops the risk of infection. This means safer and happier sex for you and your partner.

There are such a wide variety of condoms that a simple plain one might not be needed. Some prefer the taste of flavoured condoms, which can help the person performing as they don't have to worry about the taste of the latex in their mouth and can concentrate totally on pleasing you. It is best to remember that, while flavoured condoms are a great answer, the flavours can fade quickly, and so it is best to have some spares to hand in case they need to change it.

CIM (with condom) usually comes after oral (with condom). The beauty of this is that you won't actually have to change anything you are doing - you can just finish where you are without worrying about changing positions. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment!

That said, you may wish to talk with your partner while it is going on. Let them know know feels good as they use their mouth on you, and while there is a condom there to prevent your cum going into their mouth, a quick "I'm cumming!" can be a great ego-boost for them and let them know they've done something really right. A gentleman always gives their partner warning when they are about to blow their load, so just let them know so they can prepare appropriately. Not only will your partner be thankful, but they will also be more likely to do it again in the future.

Clothed Massage

Clothed Massage

A clothed massage is one where you are fully clothed when receiving a massage. There could be many different reasons for this. One might be that you prefer it as oils and lotions irritate your skin, or even if you do not feel comfortable with someone touching your naked skin. Whatever the reason, clothed massages can still help to relax your or provide relief from pain, while also taking away the intimidation that removing your clothes might bring.

Your partner will not need to prepare for this massage in the same way they might for others. There is no need to use lotions and oils, as your clothes will create a barrier between their hands and your skin. They may ask you to lie down on a massage table, bed, or massage chair, before asking which areas are giving you difficulty. If there is not a specific area, then a general massage will be given. However, clothed massage can allow you to experience a sports massage, so keep this in mind if you have overdone it at the gym or have aggravated an old injury.

Good massages happen when the person receiving the massage is relaxed. If you find yourself tensing up every time your partner touches you, the massage won't have the same effect. Try to relax and, if you struggle to, ask them to start with really light touches and build their way up to rubbing and kneeding. They will respect your wishes and only do what you are comfortable with.

If you find that, as the massage goes on, you feel very much at ease, it is worth considering a naked massage for next time. This will allow your partner better access to the tight knots and sore parts of your body, providing you with a deeper massage. Still not sure? Consider stripping to just undergarments, or even wear swimming or sports gear so that your partner still has access to your shoulders and lower legs.


Cum On Body

One of the most popular services offered by the escorts on our website is COB, otherwise known as 'come on body'. This, perhaps unsurprisingly, is where the client is allowed to have his orgasm all over the escort. It has gained popularity due to it's use in the porn industry. Consequently, COB is often used in conjunction with the 'porn star experience', or 'PSE' for short. When the man ejaculates, he can do his business on the womans breasts or on their stomach. Those who are a bit more kinky may well decide to come on the escorts feet. Clients should be warned however, COB is not the same as coming on the escorts face or in their mouth. Those are separate services, and if the escort offers them, they will be shown on their profile. Needless to say, if you are daft enough to give an escort an unwanted facial, then your meeting will come to an unpleasant end.

Another thing to remember when engaging in COB is to keep your semen away from the woman's vagina. There is very little point in practicing safe sex and then allowing contact between your come and the woman's private parts at the very end. Remember, it only needs a small amount of fluid to exchange an STI or even worse, and unwanted pregnancy. It can't be stressed enough how careful you need to be. COB is a lot of fun, so remember to pay special attention to any escort who offers this rather naughty service.



Cock and ball torture is exactly as it sounds. If you are interested in it, you will be wanting someone to torture and cause pain to your genitals. There are many acts that could be done to achieve this, from wax play and squeezing to flogging, ballbusting, or even erotic electrostimulation. Needless to say, cock and ball torture (or CBT as it can be called) is not for the faint-hearted and is best performed with a partner who understands you and that you trust.

When trying CBT it is best to start at the bottom and work your way up. Start with light pain, such as a light genital spanking, before you move onto things like ballbusting. Take it one step at a time, working your way up the a level you are happy with. For some, the idea of ballbusting is all that they want, but others may be happy with a bit of squeezing. It is your body, so only do what you are comfortable doing.

Communication is key, as you should be able to tell your partner what feels great and what might be a step too far. Your partner should be able to tell where your thresholds and limits are and will be able to bring you as close to it as possible. If it gets too much, remember to use your safe word. It will let your partner know when you need to take a break or if it is a bit too much for you. This will help you in the future when you go to enjoy some more CBT with them, as they will know what works for you and what doesn't.

Your safety during cock and ball torture should be taken seriously. If you feel at all uncomfortable with what is going on, stop and check yourself out. Some of the common injuries are abrasions, cuts, and bruises, but if you are at all uncertain seek advice. It is better to ask for help and be able to take part again another day!



Costumes are the different outfits people wear in order to play a role, either for a job (such as an actor on stage) or for fun. Many find that certain costumes, uniforms, and dress-up can be a turn on, by either wearing it and becoming the role they wear or by having it worn by a partner for some fun in the bedroom.

There are many different costumes that you could try in the bedroom to spice things up a bit. Talk with your partner about any that you both want to try to make sure they have it. For example, you might want to see your partner in Princess Leia's Slave Bikini from Star Wars, a sexy sailor outfit, or even a simple ribbon and nothing else, but if they haven't got time to prepare then it might not be available for you! Let them know what you are looking for, or maybe even ask what costumes they have available. There is sure to be something to get you going.

Part of the fun of costumes is the acting. Costumes tie in with role-play very well, as you can be anything you want with a little imagination and confidence to act it out. For some, they feel a little uncomfortable with the acting and simply enjoy wearing or taking off the outfit. If you think you might not be able to do the acting, let your partner know before-hand so that you can both just enjoy the costume itself and what lies beneath it.

If the costume comes with props, why not use them in some way? Let your partner tickle you with a feather duster if they have chosen to dress as a French maid, or ask them to leave on their stockings and hat if they are dressed as a sexy sailor. It is all part of the fun, so experiment and see what different fun things you can do.



Couples, two people in a relationship, are sometimes welcomed by single people into their lives for a date or even just for some fun. The key elements of this is being open-minded about what you want and being able to discuss the ideas with your partner and also with the person who will be joining. It can be referred to as a threesome, and each person taking part is as important as another, so making sure you all get what you want from it is essential.

If you want to bring up the idea with their partner, try to gauge how they might react first. Those who know their partners well enough might remember them once mentioning that it is their ultimate fantasy, but that doesn't mean they will definitely want it to happen. Sometimes fantasies just stay in the mind and are never acted out. However, you might be lucky enough to have a partner wanting to explore the idea.

Those wanting to explore the possibility should remember that it isn't a sprint. Just turning up and wanting it to be over in half an hour might scare your partner. They will want to get to know the person first, so clear an hour or two in your diary first. This will allow your partner plenty of time to chat with the other person and get to know them. As time goes on they will be more relaxed and therefore more willing to go through with it. They may even find a natural spark or connection, which will make it even more memorable and enjoyable for all involved. Let things progress naturally and you are sure not to be disappointed.

If you or your partner feel that you need to stop, you can do so. Suggest a five minute break to get a drink or just to take a breath. Communicate with each other so that you know what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour - that way you can both concentrate on doing what makes you feel good, instead of worrying about what else is going on.

Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing

Cross dressing is when someone dresses up in clothes that are better suited to someone of the opposite gender. If you are a man who enjoys cross dressing, you will wear feminine clothing and accessories, while a woman may wear a suit. There are many different reasons for cross dressing. It could be just as a bit of fun, while others may find it a turn on to feel the lace of French knickers on their body. Finding a partner accepting of this is important, as not only will they understand your interest but they will also help however they can.

Many feel that, as they cross dress, they can simply raid their partner's wardrobe. However, many may feel uncomfortable if you do this without asking, so make sure you do. If they allow you to and the clothes don't fit you properly, don't force it. Your partner might not forgive you for stretching their favourite figure-hugging skirt so that it fits you better. Why not buy some clothes especially for you and bring them with you?

On another note, some may be more than willing to share their clothes with you, even telling you what you should and shouldn't wear. This might tie in with sissyfication, for those wanting a more BDSM relationship, though being treated like a woman isn't a necessity. If you would rather just wear the clothes, make this clear to your partner. They will not make you do anything you don't want to do, so telling them your limits will make your time together far more enjoyable.

For some, they feel that cross dressing is as simple as wearing ladies' underwear underneath their normal every-day clothes, while some prefer to wear a dress, heels, and a wig. Experiment with what you feel comfortable in, and don't be afraid to try something different. You may find that you enjoy it even more than you thought! Do you want to know what it feels like to wear a sexy pair of stockings, or how your ass will look in a seductive red dress? You won't have to search very far when you have a look at all of the women who are into cross-dressing. Cross-dressing is truly an experience that any adventurer, like yourself, would like to try. You would immerse yourself in the time and detail of applying mascara, and choose which feminine outfit would compliment your figure. A woman would also get involved and fit into a fine-looking suit, and will get intimate with you in a way you've never experienced before.

There are a lot of reasons why men would get involved in cross-dressing. Some guys see it as a little bit of fun and a way of playing around in the bedroom. Others would get hot and sweaty at the thought of wearing a pair of lacy French knickers. If you're someone who wants to get involved in cross-dressing with an enticing girl, it's best to make sure that you are equipped with a range of feminine clothes that suit you. You don't want your partner to get annoyed at the fact that you've stretched her favourite pair of jeans!

When you're getting involved in a cross-dressing session with a beautiful acquaintance, you have to tell her what your limits are. Your ideal escort doesn't want to make you feel upset if you're forced to wear a pair of suspenders that you don't like. You can take your cross-dressing session as far as you want it to go. Some guys just want to wear a radiant dress, whereas others want to go all the way with heels, wigs, and even makeup. It's up to you to decide how womanly you want to be in your rendezvous with a female companion. Not a lot of people are into this fetish, but it doesn't mean that you're the odd one out of the group.

It's important that you find the right girl who can fulfil your desire to strut around in a pair of Christian Louboutin heels or Jimmy Choo stilettos. There are many beautiful courtesans who'd give you the chance the feel beautiful in an array of dazzling accessories. You can take things slow by wearing a simple dress in the beginning, and then work your way up to the point where you're looking like a supermodel! There is nothing wrong in trying something different, in fact, you may enjoy your cross dressing experience more than you'd expect. Therefore, why don't you have a look and find an array of ideal women who would like to try on some sexy outfits with you? Your favourite companion is waiting for you to arrange a meeting with her now!

Deep Throat

Deep Throat

Deep-throating is when you, or your partner, takes a penis so deep into your mouth when performing oral that it slides a little into your throat. For many, it can be difficult as they have to combat their gag-reflex and get themselves in the best position to do it. The penis must also be long enough to reach the throat, as without this essential part it will simply be oral.

If you and your partner are interested in trying this, you will need to work on your partner's gag-reflex. For many it is the reason they cannot perform this oral act, as the penis goes only so far before they begin to gag. The best way to build up your gag-tolerance is to keep trying. Try a little bit at a time, as forcing it could make it worse and put you or your partner off completely. Make sure you are both nice and relaxed before you try, and remember that if it doesn't work this time, you can always try again.

Positions are a big part of deep-throat. Kneeling below your partner with your mouth and throat in a straight line can help, as there will not be as much resistance when the penis is sliding in. Another popular method is where the partner lies on their back with their head over the edge or the table or bed, keeping their mouth and throat in a straight line and allowing you to simply kneel in front of them and guide your penis in. You could also try the traditional 69 position, giving your partner more control over just how much meat they take at once.

You can pass the control between you both with deep-throat. Many are happy to just have their partner performing it on them, while others may wish to thrust in and out of the mouth to increase the sensations created by the throat tightening. If you do wish to try this, discuss it with your partner. The movement could trigger their gag-reflex, which might put an end to a pleasant experience. The best thing to do is experiment and find what works for you both. This will help keep both of you happy, and you can achieve a happy ending.

Deep Tissue Massage


There are many men who love being active and doing a range of lively sports. But a sudden accident can stall your favourite hobby and could leave you sitting on the couch for weeks on end. If you are someone who is suffering from a pulled muscle or a stretched tendon, what you need is an intense deep tissue massage. This kind of treatment does have its similarities to a Swedish massage, but the methods used are stronger and more intense; hence the name 'deep tissue'. You may find it difficult to experience some pleasure in this massage, as you may be feeling sore after the session. But after a couple of days, you will feel like a brand new person!

This type of massage is not for the faint-hearted, as you would endure some aching muscles after your meeting has finished. But don't let it put you off, though. The treatment can be very appealing to men who get off on the feeling of pain. A sexy acquaintance would start the meeting by making sure you are relaxed on a soft bed, with your arms and back exposed to your ideal courtesan. Then, she would proceed by using her knuckles and elbows to knead the muscles right down to the bone.

Your initial response would be 'Ow! That hurts!' but after 10 minutes, your reaction will start to change to the point where you begin to say 'Ahh! That's good!' What makes a deep tissue massage different to all the other treatments is that it's rough, but slow at the same time. Your gorgeous girl may begin to seek pleasure out of it herself. She might take it a step further and turn your body around on the bed, and begin to knead your chest and shoulders before giving you an experience you'll never forget!

If you want your deep tissue massage to be fantastic and memorable, you have to make sure that the seductive escort you choose is right for you. Every girl has a different method in making their partners feel satisfied, so maybe it is worth arranging an encounter with a range of acquaintances who offer you this particular treatment. When you've found your perfect lady who has the perfect hands to soothe your aching muscles, make sure she is available to give you a second treatment! The attractive companions don't like to be kept waiting, so pick up the phone now and give one of them a call now.



Domination is when a person shows power over another, taking control of them and ordering them to do whatever they please. A dominant person might be referred to as a dominatrix or mistress (female), or a master (male). Those willing to give themselves over completely to a dom might be called a sub (submissive) or a slave. The life of slavitude is not for everyone, but if this is something you are interested in, finding the right partner is essential.

There are many different types of domination, and so you will need a partner who understands the type of domination you are after. Some may only do one type, such as dog training, while others may have a wider range of skills, such as inflicting pain, cock and ball torture, and humiliation. They will be able to talk with you, get to know you, and understand your limits. When they do, they will take you to the very edge of your limits and push you, seeing how you react. One of the key elements of a domination/submission relationship is trust, hence why it is so important to find the right partner for you.

You will need to tell your partner what you are looking for. If you want a traditional caning, it is vital to check your mistress has the equipment for it. Many mistresses will have it, and so it is just a case of letting them know. If you want some more extreme then let them know and they will do their best to provide the service you are looking for.

As you might imagine from the name, if you hope to enjoy a little BDSM with electrics, you will want to have the shock and stimulation of electrical currents on your body. Sometimes referred to as electrical play, electrosex, or sometimes just electro, this fun form of domination can be used in a number of different ways. You can enjoy a very light tingle passing over your body, making you feel aroused and turned on, or you might turn away from the subtle touch. You may prefer to be tortured with electricity so that you can beg your mistress to let you go.

When you decide to go for a little bit of electrics during your domination session, you mistress will sit you down and talk about all of the things that you need to know. You might want things to get intense quickly, but a good dominatrix will start off low and slow to allow you to get used to it. They don't want to hurt you to a point where it is dangerous for you. They simply want to give you a bit of a thrill and leave you feeling in a way you have never done before.

When you decide to go for a little bit of electrics during your domination session, you mistress will sit you down and talk about all of the things that you need to know. You might want things to get intense quickly, but a good dominatrix will start off low and slow to allow you to get used to it. They don't want to hurt you to a point where it is dangerous for you. They simply want to give you a bit of a thrill and leave you feeling in a way you have never done before.

There are a number of different ways you can experience electrical play. Using a TENs machine seems to be a favourite method. The machine helps to tense your muscles, and depending on the setting, this can feel like an intense massage from the inside of your body. Some prefer to use a violet wand, which is a form of electrotherapy, and will leave you feeling as though pins are touching the outside of your body. There are also a number of different shock devices that your dominatrix might want to use on you for this form of BDSM, as some like to try car batteries, cattle prods, and things like that to turn you on and make you beg for more. Of course, your mistress will talk to you about this first, so if you have any questions for them, ask. It'll make your fun even more intense.

One of the key things to remember when engaging in domination is to use a safe word. A safe word doesn't make you weak in any way - it simply means that you need to take a breather or you want to try something else. If you need it, make sure you use it.

Double Domme

Double Domme

Sometimes, when you want to be dominated, you will find that spending time with your mistress doesn't seem to be enough. You love to have them controlling you, but you may need stronger punishment. When that happens, you might decide to seek out a double domme experience. The double domme, as the name suggests, gives you the chance to enjoy a little bit of BDSM while being tortured by two dommes. Instead of simply submitting yourself to one kinky dominatrix, you give yourself over to two of them, and they will then work together to give you an experience you will never forget.

Usually, your favourite dominatrix will have another mistress they enjoy working with. They will get along well together and work well together. They might share ideas about the kind of hot and kinky things you get to enjoy during your BDSM session. So, if you ask for a double domme experience, they will immediately talk to you about their potential partner in fun, and what kind of things you would be interested in trying with them. Some will have certain favourites that they like doing during double domination, but they might prefer to save some of the other, more intimate things for when it is just the two of you.

Why do people go for this experience? Well, because you have more than one skilled dominatrix working you over, you get to have double the arousal, pleasure, and fun. It is the ultimate experience for anyone eager to give themselves over to another, as their combined efforts will leave you feeling breathless and you will walk away grinning from ear to ear as you got to experience their special talents combined. All this is to make you their willing slave.

If you are hoping to have the best BDSM session of your life, booking the double domme experience will help you enjoy it. Imagine some of your favourite acts of domination, such as trampling, face sitting, or whipping. Now picture two hot mistresses or masters doing it to you at the same time. They might take it in turns or work together to make you beg. They might decide to take on a good cop bad cop routine... or they might twist it so that they are both bad to you. The possibilities for the things that you can enjoy here are endless, so talk to your favourite dominatrix about the different things that you can do.

Face Sitting

Cross Dressing

Face sitting, which can also be called queening, is exactly as it sounds. It is when one person sits on another person's face for the purposes of sexual pleasure. Usually, this is combined with reverse oral, and so requires the woman to sit on their partner's face. However, it can also be combined with rimming or tea bagging. For some, the idea of sitting on someone's face until they cum is very exciting, and so see if your partner is interesting in either sitting on your face or allowing you to sit on their face.

As said earlier, this is typically more common for women to do to their partners. A high number of men enjoy having it done to them, as they can concentrate purely on pleasuring their partner with their mouth and not worry about if your partner is enjoying themselves, as usually the partner will move to a better position if they need to. For some, face sitting can be very closely tied with humiliation and domination, as they could force someone to pleasure them. If that is what you are interested in, let your partner know so that they can get things ready. It could even go as far as smothering territory (where your partner deprives you of oxygen while you perform oral on them). Don't worry if this is something you aren't comfortable with - your partner should understand and be happy with whatever you decide to do to them.

The act of face sitting is primarily associated with female oral sex. While the positioning is different, the act itself won't be. Do what you would usually do in this situation, like slowly licking the lips, kissing and gently sucking the clit, and stroking them with your tongue. Keep a steady pace and, when she starts to enjoy it, keeping doing exactly what you are doing. You're sure to be rewarded later.

Face Slapping

face slapping

BDSM means that your fun submitting to a dominatrix can get a little physical. You might simply enjoy the feeling of pain, or you might like it to be combined with pleasure for the ultimate experience. You may even be seeking a little humiliation to show what your mistress thinks of you. It is for these reasons that face slapping is such a popular BDSM act for you to enjoy. You might like being spanked, but face slapping takes things one step further and is a much more intimate and intense BDSM thing for you to enjoy.

To start with, the simple act of slapping someone in the face asserts dominance. Your mistress will do it to show that they are in control, and to prove to you that you love it when they get physical. It will be a turn on for you that they discipline you in this way, and the little reminder that they are in charge will be just what you need to go back to your duty as a loyal submissive slave. If you are struggling to focus in the session, a little bit of fun face slapping can bring your attention back where it needs to be.

For many people, they like it the most because it is humiliating. As a slave, face slapping tells you that you have done something wrong, and that you must be punished for it. You will feel ashamed for not meeting the needs of your favourite dominatrix, and it will instantly make you try harder to satisfy and please them. Having your face slapped shows you in one swift movement that you are not good enough and that you have to do a lot more in order to make your mistress as happy as you can.

This area of BDSM is often seen as a part of edge play because of the risk of injury, so make sure you sit down and talk with your domme about all of the risks before you try it. You might find that there are a number of ways to avoid injury, such as not using jewellery, and this can go a long way to making you feel satisfied with the slap. If you are lucky enough to make face slapping a part of your next BDSM session, you'll find that you leave with red cheeks and a big grin on your face.



Giving someone a facial is when someone ejaculates onto the face of their partner. They are referred to as facial cum shots and are very popular in porn, making them a great finish if your partner is giving you the porn star experience (PSE). As a facial requires one to cum, it is often the final act of sex, and so you will be positioned in a way that the semen will land on your partner's face, perhaps even after a blowjob (covered or uncovered) or hand job. For many it is a case of their partner kneeling before them on the floor, while they stand in front of them. This makes it easier to direct exactly where your cum will go.

The idea of giving your partner a facial is a turn-on because it is taboo. Some may see the act as degrading for the receiver, but many feel that this makes them the ultimate porn star, as they are able to do what porn stars do. Some feel it is a way of showing their appreciation, not only for the person but also their skills. It can be a huge turn on to do something taboo, hence why it is becoming more and more popular.

The most important thing to remember is to discuss the idea with your partner. If they are open to it, check with them later that this is still okay. There is nothing more shocking then a surprise facial cum shot, so give them some warning. It will give them time to close their eyes and prevent your spunk getting in them (which can sting and lead to infection), so let them know. Perhaps even suggest they wear some sexy secretary glasses to finish off the look. When you are getting close, let them know so that you can get yourselves into the optimal position. It will be an image you won't forget any time soon!



Some dommes have a love of making their submissive slave do whatever they want them to, and for some, that means enjoying a little feminisation. In the world of BDSM, feminisation is when a dominatrix will switch the role of their sub, usually the male submissive, to the other gender. Because many submissive slaves are male, this means they will be female. They will give them an appropriate name and use cross-dressing to help them with the role playing aspect of the fun. They will get them to use more feminine phrases and body language, and the sub will be encouraged to take on their new role as much as they can.

Costumes and outfits are often very domestic, and many have lingerie on underneath the clothing. Some like to take it a step further and try on some leather or latex, which will hug their figure and please their mistress. Sometimes, an outfit can simply be high heels, a lacy bra, and some panties. Other times, your dominatrix might force you to slip into a sexy nurse or maid costume for them, making feminisation the ultimate BDSM tool for those interested in humiliation.

Your name may be feminised to keep up the fantasy, or you might be given a new name while you are with your dominatrix. They will call you by this name, sometimes even referring to you as a sissy, a princess, or a good girl if you behave in the way they want you to. You might also experience pegging, as your mistress will make you the 'woman' in this situation, or they might decide that the best use for you is to please others. They might get you to perform oral sex on another male and reward you for good work. Begging and pleading can become a part of the fantasy as well, as can using a higher pitched voice.

Feminisation is a form of humiliation that many find to be a huge turn on. They love this kind of BDSM, as they get to experience how the other half lives and to enjoy things that they enjoy. You might want to give yourself over to your chosen dominatrix completely, and if so, this is just the thing for you. Often, it can be tied in with chastity control, and so you will not get to enjoy an orgasm, unless your kind dominatrix lets you.



There are as wide a range of fetishes as there are people. A fetish can be defined as a sexual arousal from a situation or object, such as feet, humiliation, or watersports. It could also be defined as a sexual desire linked to something abnormal. The most common fetish is a foot fetish, though there are plenty of others. Having a fetish does not make you weird - it means you have specific tastes that others may not have. However, there are plenty out there who will share your fetish, and you will find a partner not only accepting of your fetish, but willing to fulfill your desire you with.

The first thing to do is discuss your fetish with your partner. They will want to know the specifics of your fetish to make sure they get it right. For example, if you enjoy a foot fetish, your partner may want to know whether to keep stocking and heels in for as long as possible, or where you'd like to finish (such as on their foot with a footjob). If you find the idea of being urinated on appealing, then your partner will need time to drink enough liquids to make sure they can deliver.

When it comes to taking part in your fetish, make sure the location is appropriate for what you want to do. If you are interested in a caning then the location may not be as important as someone seeking hardsports, where a bathroom or wet room is more suitable to ensure a good clean-up. For those going to the partner's place, make sure you give them plenty of time to get everything ready. After all, you want a good time, not a rushed time. The most important thing to remember is to have fun and communicate with your partner. If they are doing something with your chosen fetish that you are really enjoying, let them know. Just because it is seen as taboo doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.



Fingering is the act of using your fingers to stimulating the anus or vagina of another person to bring about pleasure. While you may think that fingering is a simple task, it can be very complicated. It isn't as easy as just ramming your fingers in there - it requires more finesse and technique, and a lot of trial and error to see what works for your partner. Every person is different, and what works for one person might not work for another.

There are two main ways in which you can finger somebody. You can finger their anus or finger their vagina, and they might even return the favour and do the same to you. Whatever method your partner would prefer, there are some things you should remember to do to ensure it is only pleasure that you give to your partner, without any unpleasant surprises. Keep your nails trim and tidy. It should really go without saying, but any jagged edges or dirt could hurt your partner or leave them with an infection. Not exactly what you're hoping to give them! Cut your nails and give them a good scrub to make sure the only thing you'll be doing is giving your partner pleasure.

Lubricant is important to use, whatever you might be up to. It will help your partner to relax a little more if their body's natural lubricant isn't coming as quickly as they'd like, and it will help ensure your fingers can glide smoothly in and out. Use plenty of it, and consider trying some flavoured lube if some reverse oral is what you're hoping for later. The key thing to remember with fingering is not to dive straight in - work your finger slowly in and listen to your partner. They will be able to tell you what they like most, so take their guidance to make it as pleasurable for them as you can. Fingering is not a sprint, and ramming your fingers in and out won't win you any points. Try gentle strokes or even the "come hither" method, where you move your finger as though you are beckoning someone towards you, to see what excites them most.



Spanking seems like fun, but a lot of the time, you are seeking something a little more intense. If you are really eager to please your mistress and give yourself over to your chosen dominatrix completely, you might decide that flogging is for you. This is an ancient practice, where one person is hit, often repeatedly, with a whip or flogger. Used as a form of punishment many years ago, it is now a popular BDSM trend for you to enjoy, as your favourite domme will get great pleasure from flogging you, and you will enjoy the feeling of submitting upon each hit.

Your dominatrix might use this as a way to punish you when you are a bad slave. If you misbehave or do something that they do not approve of, they might bring out the flogger and get you to bend over before them. Some enjoy it not just because of the pain they experience with each hit, but they also find it is humiliating. They feel humiliated that they must be punished in this way, and this can be a huge turn on for them. It really shows them who is in charge. The beautiful thing about of flogging is that there are so many different tools available for your domme to use on you, so if you have something particular in mind, let your mistress know. They might have floggers, switches, rods, cat of nine tails, and sjamboks, and if you want to try them all, you should beg your dominatrix to give you each of them to see which you like best. A flogger is a firm favourite, as it is capable of making the bottom feel a number of different sensations without the same amount of risk as the others.

When you receive your flogging in your BDSM session, your domme will aim for the meatier parts of your body. Your ass and thighs are good choices, as they can withstand more hits. They want you to feel pleasure and pain at the same time, so if it gets too much, you should use your safe word. The safe word gives you the chance to take a break for a moment. You might even want to talk to your domme and let them know that you are enjoying the BDSM so much that you want more. Once you have felt the cool leather hitting your ass, you will want to enjoy that feeling over and over again.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish is known by many names, foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worship, or even podophilia. Many people experience a sexual attraction to the feet, and so you do not need to worry that you are alone. In fact, it is one of the most common body-part fetishes around, with many seeing the attraction to feet. There are many different reasons for developing a foot fetish, and for some it is simply that it is taboo, and taboo is a turn-on. Remember that you are not alone, and finding a partner who will accept your love of feet will only help to show that.

For many, finding a partner who will accept their foot fetish is a big thing. There is a lot of stigma attached to the fetish, but with so many enjoying it, it is being seen as a much more natural thing for people to enjoy. Talk with your partner about it and gauge their reaction - if they want to know more, tell them more, but if they'd rather not then respect their wishes. If your partner is accepting of the foot fetish and wants to try some stuff, talk with them about it. They may wish to dress appropriately for you, such as wearing stockings and heels that best show off their feet, and ensure they clean their feet thoroughly for you. Tell your partner of any preferences you have, such as a certain pair of shoes you love or if you'd rather they had a more natural smell to their feet, let them know. It will help make the experience right for you.

You may want to start off slowly, moving your hands gently down their body to their feet. A foot massage might be a good way to start, before you move on to kissing your partner's feet. Do whatever feels right for you, but make sure you pay attention to your partner. If they seem to be enjoying what you are doing, keep doing it. In the end, you may be rewarded with a footjob. There are different body parts on a woman that just makes men weak at the knees, where it could be her hair, lips, breasts, or legs. For a lot of men, they get turned on by the look and feel of feet, so if you think that you're the odd one out then there's nothing to worry about. There are many reasons why men find feet attractive. It could be the way they are shaped or the way that they feel against your lips. If you treat her feet right, your favourite acquaintance could give you that footjob you've been dying to have.

One of the reasons why men get turned on by feet is because that this kind of fetish is classed as a taboo, and many guys get excited by the thought of doing something naughty. It's a great form of foreplay too, where men can start kissing the inner thighs and legs of a sultry woman and trail his lips down to her toes and ankles. Furthermore, you can get creative in the bedroom when it involves satisfying your kink by licking and sucking on a sexy companion's toes. Why don't you try pouring some oil over her feet, and soothe them with your soft hands before massaging them with your tongue?

If you love the feel of stockings against your skin, you could ask your ideal companion to do a catwalk wearing nothing but stockings and a pair of glossy high heels. It's advised to tell your sexy foot fetish escort about your preferences, so she would know if you would like her feet clean or natural. In addition, you can take your partner to a spa where she can enjoy a pedicure, or you can buy a pair of high heels that will make your gorgeous girl look extravagant. Afterwards, you can bring your seductive acquaintance back to your hotel room and give her feet your undivided attention.

Foot Fetish courtesans are special kinds of girls who you don't find every day. These attractive courtesans take great care into making sure that their feet are always kept in pristine conditions. When you arrange a romantic rendezvous with a beautiful lady with amazing feet, you will be overwhelmed at the array of sensual activities you can do with her. If you're feeling quite creative, you can set up your own mini foot spa at the comfort of your room. Let your favourite courtesan unwind in a warm bath, where you'd begin to rub and caress her feet with a variety of soaps that will make her feet look fresh

Foot Massage

Foot Massage

We are all different and we have a variety of desires! That doesn't sound like a problem, but the fact that sometimes we have nobody to take care of us and help us relax might be. If you are one of the people who have a stressful life and find themselves in a continuous tension, you might need a massage! Even though you are single, there is a type of rubbing you can offer yourself: a foot massage. However, if you are very clumsy and doing something with your hands is not your thing, just call one of the sexy escorts! There are many courtesans specialised in releasing stress through unwinding or sensual massages!

A foot massage can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic modality for people who are in different kinds of pain, as well as for those who suffer from arthritis. But that is not all! This type of massage can alleviate many symptoms such as a headache, insomnia, chronic fatigue, dizziness and it seems to be extremely helpful for people who suffer from stress and anxiety! Then again, we all need a good foot kneading once in a while!

Asking for a foot massage is not a sign of weakness even if you are a big boy! You are ready to offer your partner a massage when she needs it, right? So why not receive one, too? And if you are single and not in the mood to begin massaging your own feet, it's time to offer yourself a special treat. Find one or even two girls who are good with their hands! And besides the therapeutic effect this massage session had, the second best thing is that you get to be rubbed by one or, even better, two sexy women who will spend the whole time thinking about your well-being!

Yes, fortunately, there are many exquisite escorts who are happy to satisfy your needs and massage your feet in the most amazing manner! The talented courtesans know how to please a man who wants to relax and leave the encounter with a fresh feeling. And if you want to have a massage session with the best escort check out her favourites and find out if foot massage is one of her specialties! You don't want to see somebody who is not ready to make you happy, do you?

Four Hands Massage


One of the most popular types of men and women who advertise on our site are the four hands massage escorts. The service is as it sounds, with two people working on the client, with 'four hands' performing the massage. A four hands massage escort can be male or female, and will work in pairs, with any combination possible. The most classic form of the four hands massage technique sees one escort mirror the other, following in their tracks. Sometimes the client will ask for one area to be covered, but often the whole body is worked on. Having a hot young girl or a mature woman performing this service is truly a delight, and remember, if you want male company, you can have that too. There really are no boundaries.

Four hands massage escorts are very popular because not only are they relaxing, the idea of being pampered by two people is mind-blowing. A male or female four hands massage escort will usually be done whilst the client is naked. However, some men may get a little embarrassed about having two girls having their hands over them. Still, if you speak to the male or female escorts beforehand, they will surely allow you to keep some underwear on. Communication is the key.

So no matter whether you are into sexy females, or hot stud males, a four hands massage escort experience could be for you. It is perfectly simple to have that perfect date with one of the four hands massage escorts. Just look through our pages and find the men or women (or both) you want to meet. Maybe you want a pair of females to come round to your house? If that is the case, then you will need an outcall escort. If you want to meet a man and a woman at place of their choosing, then look for an incall escort. Once you have decided who you would like to meet up with, then it is just a case of picking up the phone.

French Kissing

French Kissing

French kissing is kissing with tongues, and considered by many to be more intimate and sensual than kissing without tongues. The name 'French kissing' is reported to come from the 20th Century, when the French were known as being more passionate than other nations. They have a reputation as 'lovers', hence the fact it can also be referred to as a lover's kiss. In the UK and Ireland, it might also be called a snog.

It may seem like an odd thing to say to some of you, but if you are looking to try some French kissing you will need to make sure you're prepared. Your lips may be dry and your breath may not be as minty-fresh as you are hoping it to be. Start by drinking some water - this will help to hydrate your lips properly to help keep them in the ideal state for kissing. If you find the water doesn't help enough, use some chapstick or lip-balm. Freshening your breath is also essential, so make sure you add some mouthwash or breath mints to your dental hygiene routine to ensure your partner gets a pleasant and minty kiss, instead of the coffee you had on your way over from work.

Technique is extremely important when French-kissing. While you might want to dive straight in, it is best to start slowly and build up. Jamming your tongue down your partner's throat isn't pleasant and can be a huge turn-off, so keep it shallow and light at first. Follow your partner's lead - if they want to move things on then let them, but if they are happy to continue as you are doing don't push them. Again, this can be a turn-off. Read their body language and see what they like and dislike about the kiss. Listening can really help you to make it as passionate a kiss for your partner as you can.



When you are giving yourself over to a dominatrix for them to do whatever they want with you, you might find that you are a little too vocal for their tastes. They might want to keep you quiet and submissive, and a good way to do that is by using gags & hoods to keep you under control. Gags, as the name suggests, are mouth gags that you can use to keep you quiet or even to open up your mouth more for your mistress for BDSM purposes. Hoods can come in a number of different forms to make it immediately clear to others that you are a slave.

There are many different gags for your mistress to use on you. Many dominatrixes like to use ones simply to silence you, so that your moans and groans and screams of pleasure cannot be heard the same. Of course, there are other types of gags you can use. Some have dildos attached so them, so that someone can fuck on your face. Others might open your mouth further so that something can be slipped inside, making you a receptacle for whatever naughty things they can think of. You can even get some to be used like urinals, if you are interested in watersports.

Hoods are another matter, and are particularly popular with those interested in the bondage part of BDSM. Some are complete head hoods, which might have holes for your nose, mouth, and eyes, so that you can breathe and see easily. Others are closed off with only small slits for those interested in breath play. Your dominatrix might decide to put you in one where you can't see anything, but your mouth is free. This means that you can say please and speak when ordered to, and because you enjoy a little bit of sensory deprivation with this type of hood, it has proven to be popular among subs.

Gags & hoods can be used in a number of different ways by kinky dominatrixes to control you. They will make you their submissive slave with the clever use of gags & hoods, keeping you quiet or unable to see with just one item. Many submissives report feeling turn on when they cannot do something because of a hood or a gag, and so if you want to enjoy this form of restraint and BDSM, you might want to give this a go.

Genital Massage

Genital Massage

A genital massage is not, contrary to popular belief, an elaborate wank. It can be performed on both men and woman and helps to stimulate circulation in the area, helping to relieve blockages and and increase flow. It can really help to relax you, giving you a greater quality of sleep at night and leaving you refreshed the next day. If this is something you're interested in, your partner should ideally have some experience in it, to ensure you get the best genital massage possible.

This should go without saying, but if you are looking for a genital massage it is best to clean up the area thoroughly. Spend a good, long time in the shower, keeping the water warm and have plenty of soap to hand. Make sure you clean every inch of skin there, and if you have foreskin roll it back to clean underneath it. The massage uses slowly, sensitive touches to begin with, in order to warm up the area. Pressure will then be applied in circular massaging movements to the necessary areas in order to provide a thorough massage. Your partner might choose to warm some special massage oil to apply to the area, in order to help their hands slide more easily and give a deep, relaxing massage. Don't worry if you feel aroused and excited by the sensations - this is normal and the less time you spend worrying about it, the more relaxed you will be and the greater effect the massage will have.

While a genital massage is a very intimate thing, your partner may not want you to touch them while they are doing it. They will want to make sure your receive the massage you deserve, and so any distractions, such as you touching them, may take away from your experience. Respect their wishes first and you will be sure to receive a great massage.


Girlfriend Experience

GFE stands for the girlfriend experience, when the person you are seeing acts like they are your girlfriend, and is very relaxed and natural around you. This connection is more likely to happen if you and your partner click, and can include a range of other things such as dining together, talking to each other, and French kissing. If your partner is male, then it may be referred to as the boyfriend experience (BFE).

Many people will naturally be like this with you, as when the spark is there you cannot simply turn it off. There is no rush and everything when you see each other happens more naturally, meaning you won't be rushed out of the door as soon as the sex is over. From the very beginning of your seduction, you will be treated like an equal and may even share some inside jokes with your partner that only the two of you will get. There may be some playful banter between you, and it will genuinely feel like you are with a girlfriend or boyfriend. A relaxing massage might be used to start off the proceedings, before it moves naturally on to foreplay. If your partner is providing you with GFE, the foreplay may last longer than with someone not providing it, as they will take their time to ensure you are enjoying yourself.

Remember to communicate your feelings to them. If there is something you are really enjoying, let them know. It will help your partner provide you with a good time and, when you want to move on, give them a sign or whisper it to them. Keeping things very pure and unrushed is part of the experience, so take things at your pace. The GFE experience won't end until you walk of the door at the end, so even if the main event finishes early (as it sometimes does), you can still chat with your partner and enjoy a good time with them. Why not return the favour with a nice massage for them, to show how much you appreciate them?



Handcuffs are a very useful tool in the bedroom. They can lead to great fun for you and your partner and are very versatile in their use. Handcuffs can be bought from many places in a variety of styles and for different purposes, so shopping around so that you can find a good pair is worth it. Establish with your partner what the pair they have is for and then you can decide if you want to be chained up.

You can use handcuffs in a range of different scenarios - they can be used in BDSM, costumed role-play, or even tie-and-tease. If you are hoping to use them in BDSM, discuss with your partner who will be handcuffed. Your partner will then, if you are the cuffed person, ensure the handcuffs are tight enough to prevent escape. Depending on your fantasies involving handcuffs, you could be treated like a slave or caned for not following orders. Remember, if you are going to try handcuffs in a BDSM environment, a safe word is essential. You may never use the safe word, but it is best to have one in case it is needed.

Costumed role-play may be another popular area for you to try the handcuffs. Handcuffs are associated with the police, so why not let your partner dress up as a sexy policeman/woman and slap the cuffs on you? They can tell you what a bad boy you've been and that you will be punished for it as they haul you off to the bed for your punishment. Alternatively, they can also be used in tie-and-tease, where you are forced into a chair, handcuffed, and your partner teases you. You could even be handcuffed naked to the bed itself, while your partner climbs on top and slowly grinds away at you until you can't take it any more.

There are so many possibilities for you to try with handcuffs, so see what different fantasies you and your partner can come up with together.

Hand Job

Hand Job

Handjobs are when your partner gives you an orgasm by using their hand and rubbing up and down your shaft to make you cum. This can be a quick way to get physical release, and can sometimes be referred to as a happy ending. For some, the idea of getting a handjob isn't enough for them, but your partner is bound to know some great techniques to help keep it interesting for you. Why not put yourself in their hands and see what happens? You might be pleasantly surprised.

If you are going to receive a handjob, your partner will probably want to use some lube. Remember to let them know if you have an allergies, as an allergic reaction is absolutely not what you want to happen at the crucial moment! Do you have a preference for lube? Talk to them about it and see what they have available. They are bound to have something that will suit your needs, and it will help make the experience better for you.

A handjob can be as slow or quick as you like. If you need your partner to speed up or slow down, tell them. Communication between you and your partner is key, as it will help them learn exactly what makes you tick and what your preferences are. They may want to keep you on the edge of orgasm as long as possible to tease you, so if you are enjoying it try not to worry too much.

With a handjob, there is one key thing that people worry about - where do you finish? The answer is wherever your partner wants you to. Some may get you to cum and let the chips fall where they may, but others may get turned on from the idea of you releasing your seed all over their chest. Many people are willing to talk about it, so check what they like and talk with them about it. If you'd like to cum on their ass, or even on their face, let them know. Don't try to surprise them with it, as they may not be comfortable with the ending you've chosen. Whatever your ending, remember to relax and enjoy it.

Happy Ending

Happy Ending

When we talk about happy endings, we don't mean the kind you read about in fairytales. We mean the ending where you walk away with a big grin on your face because you've achieved orgasm with a little bit of help from your partner. Many people choose to do this after a massage, as you will be so relaxed that your orgasm will feel fantastic once you get their with a guiding hand.

There are many different ways that happy endings can happen, and that choice is up to your partner. They may surprise you with what they want to do to please you and make you happy, but you may wish to discuss it first. Happy endings come in many forms. For some, a happy ending means a hand-job, where your partner will rub your member until you cum. For others, a happy ending could be in the form of covered or uncovered oral, possibly ending with cum in mouth or cum in mouth with condom. If you have more diverse tastes, your partner may take this into account. A particularly busty partner may perform Russian on you to help you achieve release, while a stockinged one may slowly rub their legs and feet up and down your shaft to help you orgasm. Each person has their own preference for a happy ending, but some may be willing to discuss it with you if there is one that you'd love more than any other.

Ultimately, however, the choice and final decision belongs to your partner. If they feel the best way to get you to cum is through a slowly, sensual hand-job, then just lie back, relax, and enjoy it. While it may not be the ending you envisaged, trying to force the issue may be more damaging. Let your partner please you in the way they want to, as an enthusiastic hand job is better than a disinterested blow job.

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage

After a long day at work or a hard session at the gym, the first thing you want is to find a way to relax in the comfort of your room. Many men find different ways to unwind, but there's a lot of them who have begun to have a keen interest in hot stone massages. This kind of treatment involves the use of smooth, heated stones placed on points on your body where you feel sore. Normally this massage isn't sexual, but having a session with your ideal companion who has a pair of soft hands could finish with a happy ending!

There are many reasons why men have this kind of massage in their spare time, but mainly it's because it melts away all the tension and stress that they deal with in their everyday lives. The stones would help ease whatever muscle stiffness you're suffering with. Who would want to endure the pain of a pulled muscle in their legs or the annoyance of a backache? You wouldn't endure the pain any longer once a beautiful woman enters your room and rub the hot stones your aching muscles with her soft, delicate hands.

If you want to experience the ultimate muscle relaxation, you should make your session last for over an hour, so you can drift away into a world of hot stone paradise. Furthermore, if you're going to ask your favourite courtesan to treat a few areas around your body, you might as well have her soothe your entire body!You would feel more relaxed if your female escort begins to treat your tender joints, and slide the stones around which would feel like you're being caressed all over. A sexy acquaintance who can perform a hot stone massage would be the perfect remedy for your aching muscles. You won't have to travel to the other side of the world to find a radiant escort who knows how to make the pain go away. There is a wide range of attractive girls situated in different areas of a town or city, so you may find a lady who lives not too far away from you! Have a look and see which ideal escort offers to give you a hot stone massage, and discuss with her what you would like to happen before the encounter. If you enjoyed your meeting with your chosen courtesan, there is no harm in asking to arrange a second rendezvous with her in the future!



While some people enjoy being made to feel pain, others enjoy being humiliated. If you are interested in humiliation, you will seek out someone to treat you poorly and intimidate you, or to mistreat and embarrass you, in private or in public. It does not always have to be sexual, as many find the submission they feel from being humiliated is what they want. Humiliation can be free from face-to-face contact, as you can be humiliated in a phone call, text, or email. This means that the humiliation can happen at any time, and so you will not be expecting it. Many find this idea thrilling, and wish to be humiliated by a mistress as they feel are not worthy of respect.

There are two main types of humiliation - verbal and physical. While many might enjoy some verbal humiliation, physical humiliation is not for everyone, and so you will need to make sure you are ready. Discuss with your partner what you are looking for. Verbal humiliation can be as simple as insults or being belittled by your partner, or even animal play where you are treated like an animal. This also ties in with dog training. Physical humiliation covers a wider range, as it can be forcing you to perform sexual acts on someone, body worship, sexual denial, or having your partner ejaculate, spit, or urinate on you. You and your partner should be able to establish exactly where your limits are by talking about it, and if you are comfortable with physical humiliation let them know. It will make the experience better for you.

While a lot of this can happen in the privacy of your own home or behind closed doors, some enjoy the humiliation being taken out into the public. This can be done by taking you out into a public area, such as a park or a coffee shop, and having you perform body worship, servitude, or animal play. If you feel that you are ready for that, discuss it with your partner. It is best to establish a safe word in case it gets a bit much for you, so that you can both cease the humiliation and move on to other things. However, if you are not comfortable with this then make it clear to your partner. They should know your limits and respect them. and find what works for you both. This will help keep both of you happy, and you can achieve a happy ending.


Inflicting pain(Sadism)

Inflicting pain (sometimes referred to as sadism) is where a person takes pleasure from causing pain to another person. If you enjoy it, then you may be referred to as a masochist. It is often teamed with the world of BDSM, as many dominatrixes are skilled at learning where their submissive's pain threshold is so they can push them to their limit. Your partner may be similarly skilled, so why not talk to them about it and see how they would feel about torturing you and bringing you to your limit?

For many, they enjoy pain as they feel they are being punished for something they did. You may often do things wrong whilst spending time with your partner in the hope they will punish you in the way you deserve for being so bad. If you have certain fantasies involved pain that you wish to have acted out on you, explain them to your partner. For many their masochism goes no further than fantasies, so make sure you give your partner plenty of information about what you want. That way, the fantasy can be acted out in the way you are hoping for. Make sure you establish a safe word with them. A safe word helps you stop the action if it gets too much for you, or if you need to take a quick break. It also helps your partner find out just where your limits are, so make sure you use it if you need to.

The pain can be given in many different ways. Some enjoy a caning or spanking, while another may want to be bound and tortured by having their mistress stomp on them with stilettos. Some even enjoy being beaten by their partner, which allows the partner to establish themselves as the one in control and power, with you being weak and completely at their mercy so they can do whatever they want to with you. Whatever your fantasy, there will be someone out there willing to help you fulfill it.

Kissing no tongue

Kissing no tongue

Kissing can be very intimate, but for some they simply do not enjoy French kissing (kissing with tongues). If you are used to kissing with tongues, this can be very startling and shocking for you, so figuring out just how to kiss your partner, without using your tongue, can be a challenge. Talking about it first is important. Your partner may feel that kissing without tongues feels better to them, or they may not enjoy the feeling of another person's tongue in their mouth. Whatever their reason, it is their choice, and trying to force them into using tongue will just ruin the mood completely. If they tell you they will only do kissing without tongues, accept it and go for it. You showing that you are perfectly happy with the arrange will help your partner to relax, guaranteeing you a better time than you would have had if you'd pushed.

For some, kissing with tongues is the ultimate kiss of passion, but you can be just as passionate without tongues. Start with light kisses on your partner's lips, slowly and gently, before using more pressure as time goes on. While they might not enjoy kissing with tongues, they may enjoy you gently sliding your tongue along their lip as you kiss.

Try lightly sucking on their lip, or even nibbling on it, as the kiss deepens. Keep experimenting with different things and see what they like best. More often then not, they will show you what they like by doing the same to you, so copying their movements can be a great help to you. Try not to let the worry take over, as kisses can be far better if you just get lost in the moment.

Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing

Lap dances are great to have done to you, as your partner will tease you by dancing either just out of reach of you, or over your lap with a rule that you cannot touch them. The teasing and anticipation brought on by a lap dance can mean that, when the main event arrives, you and your partner can barely hold yourselves back, which makes for a very thrilling and exciting moment.

If you are lucky enough to be offered a lap dance by your partner, give them plenty of time to prepare. They will want to choose the right music for the dance and the right clothes. Lap dances can be done in provocative clothing, topless, or completely nude, and how your partner wishes to do it may change as the time get closer. They may even want to mix it up a bit, by slowly stripping for you while they dance. Whatever they decide, all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy the show.

Before the dance itself starts, you and your partner may wish to establish some rules. For some they are perfectly happy for their partner to grab their hips and control their movements, but some enjoy giving a more teasing lap dance, where you will not be allowed to touch them at all. They may want to do this until you beg them to let you touch them all over, and this can be very fun for both of you.

Lap dances can be done, as explained early, either on your lap or with some distance between you. If your partner choose to use more space, they may sit you down in a chair on one side of the room and slowly dance and tease their way over to you. They may also want to try climbing into your lap and grinding on you, teasing you into touching them or building tension for later. With all of the fun you could have with a lap dance, its not difficult to see why they are so popular!


Latex (PVC)

Latex and PVC fetishism is where you have a sexual attraction to a person in latex or PVC clothing. In some cases, it is the clothing itself that draws the attraction, though the majority of the time it is someone wearing them. This may be because of the tightness of the clothing, as it forms a second skin whilst wearing. Some dominatrixes will wear latex or PVC to give their slave or submissive a thrill while they tease and torture them, while other people may wear it because they enjoy the feel on their skin, or the look on their partner's face when they step out in it.

Celebrities and films have done a great deal for the latex and PVC fetishes, and consequently, they are now more readily available to buy and wear. There is such a variety that you should really think about what you want your partner to wear for you. Do you want a simple PVC skirt and top, or would you prefer an all-in-one latex catsuit? Whatever your desires, explain to your partner what look you are hoping for. If you aren't sure, let them surprise you. You're bound to be pleased with what they put on for you. For those interested in domination, or with a heavier interest in the latex and PVC fetishes, you may want to consider more unorthodox items of clothing, such as a wet suit, gas mask, or even a PVC hazmat suit.

ou may find that, when your partner puts on the outfit, they have an entirely new personality. For some, wearing latex or PVC is similar to putting on a costume and so they like to adapt their behaviour to suit your requirements. Let your partner know exactly what you are looking for from your session to ensure they can prepare for it properly, and that you get what you want.

Male Grooming

Male Grooming

Over the years, men have become much more interested in their appearance. Once upon it wasn't seen as 'manly' to start using specialist cleaning products and other such things. Now it is seen as perfectly normal. It is probably no surprise then, that male grooming escorts have become so popular. Male grooming escorts are usually female, though on occasion they can be male. This is probably because, due to the type of service, most guys would feel more comfortable with a woman.

The main part of a female male grooming escorts job will be to perform hair removal . This will often be done by waxing, though due to that being slightly painful, there is always the option to shave or clipper. It is just a case of communicating what you want with the girl. It is certainly worth it though, as there are so many women out there who like a 'clean shaven man'. The job of a female male grooming escort doesn't stop there though. These lovely women can perform facials and ear wax removal. You really will feel revitalised when you have had your male grooming service. So even if you have never thought about having a male grooming escort experience before, try it out today. These girls will certainly know how to make you leave with a big smile on your face and with a spring in your step.

If you do fancy meeting a female male grooming escort, you have certainly come to the right place. All you need to do is work out whether you want to have the escort come and see you, or you go and see them. If you want to meet them in a place of your choosing, look through the escorts profile page and see if they do an 'outcall' service. If you want to travel to meet them away from prying eyes, then it is an 'incall' you are looking for. Soon enough, you will be having the perfect date with a male grooming escort.

Don't just take my word for it; try it out for yourself! Find out about what goes on when a client meets a male grooming escort, with this Escort nairobibabes guide to the new and exciting service.



There are a range of different massages that you can receive from your partner or by trained professionals. Each type of massage can help to achieve different things, and they range from simple massages to help ease aches and pains, to erotic massages to arouse and excite you. Discuss with your partner which type you wish to try.

Many will want a simple massage before moving on to other things, and this is just one of the ways it can be achieved. Your partner may ask you to lie on the bed or massage table face down and with your top off. This will allow your partner easy access to your shoulders and back, which is one of the main problem areas of the body that will need a massage. They will get some massage oil, massage gel, body lotion, or body butter to rub all over your body, so make sure you make them aware of any allergies you have beforehand to ensure the experience is as pleasurable as possible.

If there is a certain area of your body that aches, such as your shoulders, let your partner know so that they can pay special attention to it. They may use firm strokes and their nimble fingers to help ease away the pain, but if anything is too uncomfortable for you, let them know.

If you'd rather try other types of massage, make sure you look into them and find out exactly what they are all about. Your partner may have types that they would like to do more than others, so talk with them and see what their preference is. There are clothed massages, genital massages, naked massages, Nuru massages, prostate massages, sports massages and tantra massages, so there should be no shortage of different types for you to try. As stated earlier, they each have their own aims to either relax or pleasure you, so look into each before you decide which you would like to try.



Mummification is very easy to explain but sometimes difficult for others to understand why someone would want it. There are many different reasons that someone might want to try mummification. It is easiest to explain by saying that it is a more advanced form of bondage where, instead of simply finding your arms or legs tied, your entire body will be to restrict movement. It will leave you feeling helpless as you will be totally immobilized, and for a lot of people that is the ultimate turn on, as they are giving complete control up to their dominatrix escort. If you are eager to be totally dominated and made submissive, this is the thing you will want to try.

For many it is the ultimate way to not only give themselves over to their chosen escort, but also to have their senses totally deprived. If you are completely covered, you will find that you cannot move and that your favourite lady might have to massage your skin through the wrap to get to touch you. They might tease you, if you can see, by slowly stripping for you, or they might instead go about their business and leave you where you are to show that you are not worth of their time and degrade you.

When you are being mummified, your partner will get you somewhere comfortable to lie down, as often you will find that you can't support your body once you are completely wrapped up. They will stay with you during the time so that you aren't alone, and they will have scissors to hand to cut you out when you are done. There are so many different materials that can be used when tying you up, so if you have a preference (such as medical bandages to make it more authentic, or perhaps even simply duct tape for that feeling of tight restraint) let your partner know.

Afterwards you might feel very cold, as you will be sweating in the bandages a lot. Make sure you drink plenty of water afterwards, and if you are feeling up to it why not enjoy a nice relaxing bit of bath play with your favourite female escort? It is a great way to relax and unwind after what is sure to be a very restrictive but fun time together, and it will be well worth it. Just make sure you talk about all of the details first so that there is no confusion.

Naked Massage

 Naked Massage

A naked massage is one where you are lying on a massage table or bed and both you and your partner are completely naked. Without clothing getting in the way, your partner has better access to your body and can massage all areas to help relax you and give your muscles some much-needed attention. Having a naked massage can also be very erotic for you, as you are being massaged and teased without having your genitals touched by your partner.

The only real preparation for a naked massage is to take all of your clothes off and lie down on the bed or massage table. Your partner may wish to tease you first with a small striptease, but this is entirely their choice. They may want to get straight on with the massage and help you with your aches and pains.

With a naked massage, your partner may wish to cover your entire body with oil and rub it in to ensure every inch of your body and each muscle gets special attention. Some oils contain fragrances - let your partner know if you have a preference or if there is one you are allergic to, so they know to avoid it. Some areas of your body may need a bit more attention than others, and your partner may be able to help you ease the aches and pains. Tell them where you'd like them to give some extra attention to ensure your needs are addressed.

If you are hoping for a good general massage, then this may be the best for you, as it allows your entire body to get attention, instead of focusing on just one area as you might do with a sports massage. Remember to communicate with your partner - if they move their hands on you in a certain way that you like, let them know as it will help make sure you get the best massage possible.

Nipple Playing

Nipple Play

Nipple play is exactly what it says on the tin - when you or your partner want your/their nipples playing with for an extended period of time. For some, gentle caresses and licks are what they want, but others may want it a bit rougher and like the ideas of clamps or their nipples being spanked. Nipples can be very sensitive, so giving them the right kind of attention for you or your partner is very important.

The most important thing, when it comes to nipple play, is discussing with your partner what you want. As said earlier, some enjoy light touches and gentle sucking on their nipples, and that may be enough for them but others might want more. Talk with your partner and experiment with what you like. If sucking and licking don't seem to be enough for you, encourage your partner to gentle nibble on your nipple, or tug at it with their lips. You could even buy a small vibrating bullet just to tease your nipples with.

Sometimes, you might want more than this, as sucking and licking aren't enough. If that is the case, you may want to consider trying out some nipple clamps or a light slapping on your nipples. If your partner has an interest in BDSM, why not let yourself go and be completely at their will while they tease and torture your nipples? While you could stay at home and play with your own nipples, nipple play is best done with a partner. If you are doing it, it is predictable. You know exactly what you will do and might not go anywhere near your limits. Your partner will be more willing to experiment, trying new things on your sensitive nipples and bringing you closer to your limit. Test out different things and see what gets you going before you return the favour. Nipples come in all different shapes and sizes, and that's what makes them so fun to play with! It's also enjoyable to see how sensitive they are, where you can play with your female companion with a few gentle kisses or use your teeth to nibble on their bosom. Some men may take it further and include clamps and spanking paddles to heighten the sensation, where they will enter a world of euphoria. Whether you like it rough or soft, you have to make sure that you meet the right girl who knows how to give you the pleasure you desire.

First off, you need to let your female acquaintance know what your limits are. If you want, you can start the session off slowly, and let your beautiful woman kiss you tenderly on the lips before trailing her head down to your chest. From there, she would be able to touch, lick and suck in a way that will get you breathing hard. Even though your companion's tongue can easily get your nipples hard, it is not the only way that can make you go 'Ahh!'. A sexy girl may use a vibrating bullet, or a small whip to make your skin tingle.

However, some men would think that sucking and kissing are too mild for them. You could take your session a step further and get your nipples clamped. You'd be surprised how pain can give you the pleasure that you crave. Nevertheless, every man has different pain thresholds so you should tell your ideal companion what your limitations are. All she would want is for you to enjoy your time in a nipple playing session with her, and make you leave your kinky session with a smile on your face!

You would be surprised at how many sexy escorts can tease or torture your sensitive nipples. It's not as fun as having a sexy woman nibble on your chest with her teeth when you're playing with them by yourself. It becomes too predictable and you need to be with someone who can keep you on your toes. When you're having a naughty encounter with your favourite acquaintance, you may surprise yourself and end up climaxing by her soft wet tongue on your pecs. You can turn your fantasy into a reality today by messaging an escort who is available to give you the nipple play you desperately want!

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru massage is a special type of massage, based on the ancient Japanese erotic slide massage. The only vital things for a nuru massage are two people (the massager and the person receiving the treatment), Nuru oil, and no clothes. The reason for the lack of clothing is because it is one of the full body-to-body massages you can get, and as it requires two bodies to slide up and down each other, it can get messy and feel very arousing to feel your partner's body sliding all over yours.

The specialist Nuru gel and oil are the best to use as they have been designed to be slippery, so that your partner can slide themselves up and down your naked body with ease. Traditional oils and gels may not have the same effect, so it may be worth experimenting which work bests for you both. As it can get very messy with the oil sliding all over, towels are useful to have around, both for you to lie on while receiving the massage and to help clean up afterwards. However, some people prefer their partner to lie on a smooth air mattress without fabric, as this will allow both persons to move about more freely. Why not try both and see which you prefer?

Many Nuru massages start with a hot shared shower, to ensure you are both completely clean for your massage. The foreplay in the shower, combined with the bodies sliding together later, can really help heighten your arousal before you even get down to business. After your shower, don't dry yourself off as the wet skin helps the Nuru gel spread, meaning you get a more thorough massage.

Once you have enjoyed your massage, try switching roles and see if you can help your partner relieve some stress. The sliding is fun, but your body moving on top of theirs can help to massages muscles, meaning that you can make your partner feel good too. Nuru massages are designed to help you and your partner get closer together, so enjoy it and see what fun you will have together.


Oral Without Condom

While many enjoy OWO, some prefer oral sex with a condom (otherwise known as covered oral) to help minimise the risks of transmitting STIs. STIs can still be passed during oral, so safety is very important. Many say that they prefer oral without because it feels better, but oral with a condom can still be very enjoyable, as being safe in knowledge that you will not contract something from your partner can help you relax and allow you to enjoy the sensation of your penis being in another's mouth.

Just because your cock is covered doesn't mean you can be lazy when it comes to hygiene. Cleaning your manhood is still vital, even with covered oral, so make sure you give him the attention he needs so that later he can get the attention he deserves. Soap and warm water are the most useful tools at your disposal, and make sure you take more than a minute to wash your member. Pulling back the foreskin and cleaning the entire area (not just the shaft) can ensure you get a good time later on. Part of the fun of covered oral is actually putting the condom on. You could do this yourself, or your partner may wish to try a different way. Some enjoy putting it on with their mouth, and for men this can be extremely pleasurable. If you want to try it, make the suggestion to your partner. Some people feel more comfortable securing the condom with their hands, so it is worth checking.

With covered oral, the possibilities for where and how you finish are endless. Some will be more than happy for you to cum in their mouth (with condom) while they perform oral on you, while others may prefer you to give them a facial, or to cum on their tits or ass. Let your partner know what you'd prefer so that, when the time comes, they know what to expect. If you have chosen to cum in mouth (with condom), then just lie back and enjoy. For those wanting to cum on their partner's face, tits, or ass, give them plenty of warning when you are getting close. This will give them time to take the condom off and give you control so you can masturbate over their body in the way that you want.


Oral Witout Condom

OWO simply means oral without, when someone performs oral sex on a penis without a condom. This is sometimes the preferred method of oral sex, as many report the feeling doesn't feel as good when using condoms. The lack of a condom during oral sex means that the receiver can enjoy every sensation without a barrier in the way, and many couples practice this as their preferred method of oral.

One of the most essential things to remember when your partner is going to give you OWO is to make sure you are clean... and by clean, we don't mean a quick jump in the shower! You wouldn't be very happy going to perform oral on your partner and discovering they could have cleaned up more, so make sure you do for them what you'd like them to do for you.

Make sure you give your manhood some special attention and thoroughly clean him. Warm water and plenty of soap will help do the trick. If you have not been circumcised, ensure you roll the foreskin back so you can clean every inch properly. Clean the entire area, not just the shaft, to make your partner willing to come back for more. This will help make sure your partner doesn't have any surprises while they're down there, and they can focus totally on pleasing you.

OWO is sometimes coupled with CIM (cum in mouth), however some people do not enjoy the taste of cum and prefer their partner to cum elsewhere. Talk with your partner before and see what they would like best. If they don't want you to cum in their mouth, it isn't the end of the world. They might want you to cum on their tits or on their face, which is great for you, as your partner will be on their knees before you, pleasuring you before you blow your load.


Oral Without Condom

PSE stands for the porn star experience. For many, having sex with a porn star or becoming a porn star is something that simply won't happen, but that doesn't mean you can't have the thrill of having sex like one! It is very thrilling to do as porn stars do, so why not check with your partner if they are up to trying the experience?

For some, the idea might arise from seeing one porn video in particular. They might find themselves watching it and going "I want someone to try that with". If your partner is up for it, show them the video. It will help them understand what it is you are looking for from your partner and also help them prepare. If it involves a sensual massage, they can get the appropriate lotions together. If it involves a boss/secretary role play, they can get the skirt, blouse, heels and stockings together to tease you with when you arrive. They may even get some glasses to finish off the outfit.

If you just want the general experience, let your partner know. They might have some ideas on things they want to try with you, and simply going with the flow can feel fantastic. You won't have to worry about what comes next, as you partner will take the lead and provide you with exactly what you are hoping for from it.

As for what might happen, the list of things featured in porn films is endless. Facials (where the man comes on the face of another person), Russians (tit wanks), oral and reverse oral, sex, anal sex, and rimming are just a few of the things that could happen with you and your partner, so make sure you clean yourself thoroughly in the shower before you go, in case you are looking for anything a bit dirtier. Not only will it make the experience much more pleasant for you both, it will also help ensure your partner wants to do it again, and what could be bad about that?

Prostrate Massage

Prostrate Massage

Prostate massages can be useful for helping you relax, but their primary purpose is to help achieve orgasm. The prostate is located in the anus and it can be stimulated either by externally by the perineum or from inside the rectum through a massager or a finger rubbing the correct spot. It is something that can be seen as taboo, but many find the sensations given through a prostate extremely pleasurable - which is why it is a much sought after skill, and finding a partner willing and skilled at it is fantastic.

One of the key preparations for a prostate massage is ensuring you are properly clean and ready. The last thing you will want is to be worrying that you may have missed a bit, as tensing can hinder a prostate massage. Get a long hot shower going and wash yourself as normal so that you are relaxed. When you are sufficiently relaxed, use soapy water to clean the general area. Then, once you are satisfied that the area is properly clean, slip a wet finger into your anus to help flush out any nasty surprises that your partner will not appreciate. Your partner will appreciate the effort you've taken to make the task easier and more pleasant for them, meaning your prostate massage will be even better.

Your partner may be very skilled and use their finger to give the massage, but there are also prostate massagers available. These toys have been especially designed for massaging the prostate gland, and are shaped to give maximum pleasure. Your partner will ensure that your ass has plenty of lubricant on it to ensure it is comfortable for you. After all, prostate massages are meant to give pleasure, and using lube can ensure the toy or finger slips gently in to give you what you want.

Once all the preparation is done, simply enjoy the massage. If you find yourself tensing up, trying to focus on something else, such as your breathing. Keeping it steady will help you relax and enjoy the sensations more.



Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine which involves the application of pressure to the hands and feet, with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques. This is all done without the use of oil or lotion. A reflexology escort can be male or female, though on our pages, you will find that most are women. So if you are wanting to try out a new experience, why not see one of the reflexology escorts today?

In simple terms, a female reflexology escort will press or gently manipulate certain parts of the hands and feet in order to produce an effect elsewhere in the body. Reflexologists divide the body into 10 equal vertical zones; five on the left and five on the right. Each part of the hands and feet correspond to a particular part of the body.

Female reflexology escorts believe that an energy field can prevent the body from healing. It is up to the reflexologist to overcome that field. These men and women also believe that reflexology can alleviate pain or stress. Although these theories are controversial, there are millions worldwide who swear by the practice.

A female reflexology escort will come in many different forms. She can be a sexy young girl, or an incredible older woman. It is this kind of variety that increases the popularity of reflexology escorts still further. If you haven't ever though about having a reflexology experience, why don't you see what all the fuss is about today?

You have seen what kind of fun you could have with female reflexology escorts. Now it is just a case of meeting them. You will find there are two major types of girl. There are those who need you to come to a place of their choosing (incall) and those who are happy to travel (outcall) The kind of escort you meet will all be down to your personal choice, and all the information is available on their escort profile. It really is that simple. Reflexology may not be for everyone, but what is to say it isn't for you?

Reverse Oral

Reverse Oral

Reverse oral simply means that your partner is more than happy for you to go down on them, and so your activities aren't just a one way street. When done correctly, giving oral to someone can be extremely pleasurable, though every one likes different things when they are receiving it. Experiment and see what gets your partner going.

The best at giving oral are those who really enjoy it and are enthusiastic about it. If you are doing it just to pass the time or get it over with, your partner will be able to notice and will want to move on just to please you. If you really want them to have a good time, get into it! Enjoy every lick, suck, and flick you do, and watch their reactions. If you love it, they will relax and get into it more, giving you bigger and better rewards than before.

Listen to your partner - if something is making them moan and groan, keep doing that just the way you are unless they whispered "faster" to you. Changing what you are doing can be really frustrating to the person receiving oral, especially if what you were doing was getting them closer to orgasm. If your partner wants you to stop then stop, as sometimes certain areas can become too sensitive to the touch and continuing to work on them gets painful for the receiver. Take a break or try something different while they recover.

Oral can be a brilliant way to either warm up to a sex session or end it with a grand finale, so enthusiasm and effort go a long way and are appreciated. Get your tongue and lips at the ready for some fun!



Anal play is becoming more and more popular, as society is seeing it as less of a taboo subject and more as something they would like to try. Giving the pleasure you can give and receive from doing it, it's not hard to see why rimming is more popular than ever. There are so many people willing to either lick away or offer their asses up to someone who wants to lick that it's important to know just what rimming entails before you undertake it.

One of the most frustrating things that can happen is getting ready to lick that asshole and discovering the person hasn't properly prepared and are a bit dirty. If you are looking to receive, make sure it's clean! If the temptation of someone at your eager-to-be-licked puckered ass isn't enough, remember that the cleaner you are the dirtier it can get - what's not to like about that? Give it a thorough seeing to before you sit back and enjoy the fun.

If you are the one rimming the other person, remember that taking your time and teasing are some of the best things you can do. Listen to what they want and vary your technique if something isn't working for them. Your tongue is one of the greatest parts of your body and capable of changing itself to suit your (or your partner's) wants and needs. You can make it flat to lick the entire area, use the tip to tease the hole, or stiffen it to allow you to penetrate that sweet hole. The possibilities are there for you, so keep trying new things and see what really makes them squirm in pleasure. Sometimes the sexiest things to do in the bedroom are those that are seen as taboo. For some, it could be things like domination, while for others it may be anal play. Rimming falls into the anal play category, and finding someone who will not only rim you but rim you well can be a challenge. As rimming involves someone's tongue and mouth on your anus, there are some important things you can do to prepare yourself fully for the experience, which will also help to convince your partner to come back for a repeat performance.

One of the most important things to remember is that this is your ass - it will be dirty. Before you are going to get your ass eaten out, you need to make sure it is thoroughly clean. After all, the cleaner you are the dirtier it gets. Get yourself in the shower and relaxed before you start to wash. A once over with the soap won't cut it. You want to be as clean as possible so that you can thoroughly enjoy this without worrying about what else might be down there with your partner's tongue. When you are nice and relaxed, slip a wet finger in their to get rid of any surprises you don't want them to have to face. While this is the preferred method for ensuring anal cleanliness, others prefer to use an enema for a thorough cleaning. Find which works best for you before you get down to it. Another important tip is to shave the area. When you are freshly shaved you are more sensitive to each touch and lick, and the lack of hair allows your partner better access to your anus - great benefits for you both! Rimming receiving is seen as taboo, as the person saying they enjoy it will allow someone to use their tongue on the rim of the asshole. Because it is taboo, it has a huge appeal. It can be called many things, such as analingus, salad tossing, or butt/ass eating) but they all mean the same thing, and when done properly rimming can be very pleasurable to your partner.

If someone says they are open to receiving rimming, it means that they are more than happy for you to bury your head down there and lick the rim of their asshole all night long. Result! This is one of those things that many think of as taboo, as anal play is still thought of as something you just don't do unless you are a pervert. That isn't the case. Plenty of people enjoy it, so finding someone who will admit they do is great for you! All you have to do now is get down to it and enjoy the moment.

In its most simple form, rimming is known as the sexual act where you use your tongue on the anal rim of another person for the purpose of pleasure. However, there is a lot more you can do to give the other person pleasure. Your tongue isn't the only tool you can use, as your lips, hands, and even your breath can be useful to help bring your partner closer to the peak of sexual pleasure. A gentle breath onto the anus before you start can give the receiver a thrill about what is to come, and that they will feel your breath with every movement you make. Your lips can be used to kiss the rim or to tease your partner as you kiss your way to it, while your hands are most useful for spreading those cheeks apart to allow you easier access. Of course, your tongue is still one of the most important tools you can use. Because of its versatile nature, you can use it to lick and flick at the rim, or rub the area around it to drive your partner wild. You can even harden your tongue to allow you to penetrate your partner when they can no longer take the teasing any more.

Positions for rimming can be just as important, so make sure you are both comfortable. Some find that lying on their back with a pillow under their ass to lift them higher can work best for them, while others may want to just sit on your face. Whatever the preference, you have everything you need for a good night. Once you have gotten yourself fully prepared, you can relax and enjoy what will happen next. Remember that communication is important - if something isn't working for you, share it with your partner! It will help them make the experience even better for you.

Role Play

 Role Play

Role-play in the bedroom can be great fun. All you need is a bit of imagination and a willing partner, and anything can happen! There is such a range of different scenarios and situations you can role-play that each time will be different from the last, preventing sex from getting repetitive and sour and keeping it fun - the way it is meant to be. Whatever your desires, role-play allows you to fulfill them in a safe environment with someone you trust and get the kick from it you want.

Role-play can often go hand-in-hand with uniforms and costumes, but don't worry if you don't have anything like that - it isn't essential to making a good role-play. What is important to establishing with your partner what you will be role-playing and the parts you will both play. For some it is as simple as saying "you are a nurse and I am an injured patient who needs 24-hour care" but for others they want it to start just as soon as the two of you see each other. Check with your partner which you'd like to do, as establishing the entire session to work around a role-play means that the anticipation leading up to your meeting will build to a point where it will be almost impossible to keep your hands off of each other!

Some of the most popular sexy role-plays are the more simple that don't require a lot of costume preparation, such as the boss and secretary or the repairman. For the boss and secretary, all the man needs to do is dress smartly, while the woman can wear a sexy pencil skirt, shirt with some buttons undone just a little too low, heels, and some glasses for effect. Wearing hair up works great with the glasses, as the hair can be let down and shook when things are starting to heat up. The best part of role-playing your fantasies is that the only limit is your imagination. Go wild and see what you can come up with. Everybody had at least one roleplay fantasy and many people have already enjoyed this intriguing experience. Why is this captivating? Well, at first sight, it is obvious that this sexual play helps people overcome their sexual inhibitions. You are doing something while being somebody else, aren't you? Furthermore, allowing people to use and play with their imagination, this erotic delight becomes a complete enhancement for people's sex life.

What kind of roles can you play? As mentioned, your imagination is an important aspect of this game. So, set it free and enjoy the moments! Many men have secret fantasies involving secretaries, maids, singers and many others. Women are not far behind, dreaming about repairmen or sexy teachers! The more you think about it, the more ideas come to your mind! Once you have found the perfect one, you just have to discuss it with your partner. And if you are single or dating somebody not so sexually liberated as you, there is no need to kill these fantasies. There are many sexy escorts who share the same dirty dreams and who are eager to offer you the pleasure deserved!

So, what brings the thrill in roleplay? It's quite easy to see that the idea of escapism. Abandoning the person that you are now in favor of another can be fascinating! Also, as mentioned above for many of you being somebody else allows you to be more confident with your desires and needs! In addition, we should not forget about the bondage that is usually involved in roleplay. If you didn't think about it this way, think again: the sexy teacher dominates the naughty student, the maid is completely controlled by the master of the house, and the repairmen is ruled by the lady who hired him. These are just a few examples, but there are many roleplay scenarios influenced by light sexy bondage ideas. And why not? We all need to be controlled or dictated to from time to time! So, if you already have a kinky partner, just think about a sexy scenario and start playing. In the opposite case, it's time for you to find the hot escort to satisfy your deepest desires. If you feel kinky and wild, you can choose two females to play the game with you! Not enough? How about three girls? And all you have to do is check out the classy escorts' profiles and choose the ones you find suitable for the role you have in mind!

Boob Job

 Boob Job

This is also reffered to as ;Boob job,titty-fucking, tit job, tit wank or tit fuck. It involves a man placing his penis between a woman's boobs and thrusting between them while they are squeezed together, to simulate penetrative sex. Sometimes the partner will use their mouth too, allowing the man to thrust between the breasts and enjoy a lick before they slide back again. For Russian it is best to ensure that there is lube so that the penis can slide easily back and forth. Test out different amounts and types to see which works best for you both. Squeezing the tits together makes a closer, tighter feel around the cock and so can be very pleasurable, if they are not treated roughly. The man or the woman can squeeze the boobs together, though the man may enjoy it as he can play with the boobs and tease the nipples as he thrusts. If the woman also wishes to use her mouth to pleasure him, she will prop her head up at an angle with a pillow to allow the penis to slip easily between the breasts and into her awaiting mouth.

While many say that this is best done with a busty woman, it can also be achieved with those with smaller boobs. For a woman with smaller breasts it is easier to go on top and work that way, though many busty ladies also try this technique in order to provide their partner with the best feelings they can. Why not try switching positions and seeing what works best for you? It is a great way to exchange power, as being on top can show dominance for the man, while lying on his back and allowing the woman to control the pace will switch the roles around.

Whether this is a warm up act or the curtain call, you are bound to enjoy it, and some women find it to be a huge turn on as they feel like porn stars performing this act. Just make sure that, as you are getting closer, you let your partner know so they can prepare. Giving them a surprise like that might be enjoyable for you, but it's even better if your partner can get themselves ready to accept your offering in whichever way they see fit.

Sex Toys

Sex Toys

There are sex toys to suit your every requirement, ranging from those perfect for first-time users to those designed to help inflict punishment upon someone who wishes to receive it. If your partner tells you they have sex toys, you will need to find out exactly what they have at their disposable - the world of sex has changed so much that the variety available to you can be somewhat mind boggling.

Firstly you will need to decide what you need the toys for. If you are looking for them to use on your partner, then you must think of their needs. Do they enjoy you paying special attention to their boobs, or do they like to be restrained and pleasured that way? If the toys are for you, are you looking for self-pleasuring (that you can do yourself without extra assistance)? If you like something just for you to use why not try a fleshlight? They have been designed to feel as realistic as possible to ensure maximum pleasure. If couple toys are more your thing, then you need to establish what type of toy you want.

The most basic definition of a sex toy is a device to facilitate human pleasure. Because of the wide variety of toys, it would be difficult to describe them all. There are toys for every occasion and need, from simple penetrative toys like vibrators, anal beads and butt plugs, to nipple toys (such as clamps or those using suction) or penile toys (cock rings or fifis), to erotic furniture and erotic electrostimulation.

If you are interested in buying one for the long-term, it is best to go into a store or look online to see what appeals to you most. Remember that some toys can be great for couples as well as those going solo. For example, some cock rings come with clitoral stimulators, such as a removal vibrating bullet, to enhance the sensations for both parties when having sex. Explore what you enjoy most and then make a decision.

Shared Showers

Shared Showers

Showers are more fun with two people. If you and your partner wish to share one, then it means you can have more fun together, even having all of your naughty fun under the hot water! You can help each other get clean before you get dirty again, and can caress your partner's body fully under the running water. It is a huge turn on for many people, so help them lather up before you get down to it.

Is the shower big enough? While the idea of a shared shower is very sexy, having to wiggle past each other in a tight space can be frustrating. Make sure the shower is big enough to give you both ample room to move and get to where you want to go. However, the best thing about this is the closeness it gives you, so you can feel your partner's hot body pressed against you. One of the best parts about a shared shower is the washing. You and your partner can wash each other at the same time or take turns, where you can concentrate on teasing them as much as possible while scrubbing them down and making them clean. It's a great way to make sure you are both clean before you move on to other things. The cleaner you are, the dirtier you can get.

Something to try after a shared shower is towelling each other day. You can take your time with this, making sure you don't miss a single part of their body. Why not also consider moisturising each other? Body moisturisers are a fantastic excuse to rub your hands all over your partners body to tease them, but remember they can also do it back to you! shower and bathtub games involve you and your partner sharing space to wash each other and relax, but this time with more fun happening in the shower or bathtub. Teasing can still happen, but the focus is instead of pleasuring each other in whichever ways you can while in the confined and very wet space. Make sure there are plenty of towels around for afterwards - you will need them!

A great way to start off some shower and bathtub fun is with washing each other. Make sure you take your time so that the vital areas that need your attention get it. Be gentle, as the point of this exercise is to bring you closer together and not to actually wash each other - that should be done before you get into the bath or shower. Toys can really help with the fun, depending on what you are doing. There are many toys that are safe to use in water, and some that are specially designed for it. Have a shop around with your partner or on your own and see if there is something that appeals to you. The different ranges of toys available to suit both men and women are huge, so looking around is a great idea. They have out and proud toys (such as shower mounts for your fleshlight) and more subtle toys (like the vibrating rubber duck who won't draw the attention of visitors). Look around for what suits you and your needs.

If you are going to try some games, make sure you establish any rules before you do anything. There are so many games you can try in a bath or shower that there should be no shortage of things for you to do. Let your imagination run wild and, most importantly, have fun with it.



Sissyfication is the practice of changing the gender role of a male submissive. It is usually achieved through cross-dressing and the use of clothing, though there are many ways in which sissyfication can be achieved. For some, simply wearing feminine underwear can feel like sissyfication, while others do not feel truly feminised until they are walking the walk and talking the talk with the correct hair, make-up, and outfit to match their new female alter-ego. Names can also be used for the sissy to confirm their identity as a woman.

The range of sissyfication is up to the person being changed. If they wish to only try light sissyfication then feminine underwear and a name might be given, but no more. For some they prefer to really become their alter-ego, and so will be forced by their mistress or partner to wear the correct feminine outfit. They will be given a wig to style and make-up that is either applied to them by their mistress or that they must apply themselves. Sissyfication can extend beyond the way a person looks and incorporate how they act. The sissy will be encouraged to act as a woman does with the way they speak and hold themselves. Walking properly in heels and sitting in the right way are encouraged, and mistakes from them will be corrected by their master or mistress, either verbally or through spanking and other punishments.

Often the submission they are under goes deeper and they will receive anal sex, either through the use of a strap-on or by the mistress having a slave to do it. They could also be "forced" to perform oral sex on another man and called derogatory terms that are usually used to refer to women while doing it. Make it clear to your partner where you limits are, or help them as they explore them to ensure your sissyfication is as enjoyable for you as it is for them.



Smothering is a combination of facesitting/queening and erotic asphyxiation, where the partner sits on the other's face to force oral sex or rimming. In doing so, oxygen to the brain is limited, which enhances sexual arousal. It is often associated with dominance and submission, and even humiliation. There are many parts of the smothering that can be sexually attractive: the lack of air, the weight of a body on top of you, the wetness, the smell, and the fact that you are also deprived of sight and so much use your taste and smell instead.

While many will have the person to be smothered simply lie on the bed so that they can mount them, special furniture and equipment can be purchased (or even made) to enhanced the experience. Special chairs with lowered legs and a hole in the seat allow the smotherer to be in the optimal position, where the skin around the vagina and anus moves to allow better access to the smothered. There are also smotherboxes, where the smothered puts their head in and the lid is put on. The lid has a hole in it which allows the smothered access to the vagina and anus of the smotherer, who will sit on the box. The boxes can also be locked, which helps to enhanced the domination experience.

As this sexual activity involves cutting off air, it is best to make sure you completely trust your partner. They should know when you need to take a breath, or when to keep you hanging on just that bit longer to give you a bigger rush. If you are concerned, work out a system of communication - a safe word won't work as well with someone sitting on your face! Tapping their leg will help them know you need them to give you some more air, and if you are using a smotherbox, consider knocking on the box to let them know.

Slaves Accepted

Slaves Accepted

People enjoy a variety of things in life, and for some being a slave is something they really love. Finding someone who accepts slaves can make a huge difference to them, as some people are really not sure of how to respond and react with someone willing to follow their every command. If your partner tells you that slaves are accepted you know you are on to a winner, as they will know exactly what to say and do with someone who will obey every word they say. Being a slave is the ultimate form of submission, while being the boss shows ultimate power - are you willing to be a slave to someone and do everything they ask?

If you are wanting to become a slave then you need to listen and follow instructions as they are given. An inability to do exactly as you are told could lead your partner punishing you. A good slave obeys without question and ensures everything is done to their mistress' desires. Being a slave is not only confined to when you are face to face. Some mistresses enjoy giving instructions over the phone, in email, or in the form of a text message, if the slave is open to accepting them in this form. You could be asked to do anything at any time, and so the thrill of being owned by someone increases as you have no idea when you will receive instructions.

For those fortunate enough to find a mistress or a partner willing to accept them as a slave, all they have to do is obey. No preparation is needed, as the commands will vary from person to person, depending on their needs. You could be forced to do anything, from clean their boots with your tongue to dress in a particular way for the duration of your time together. Whatever they desire you will do.

Soapy Massage

Soapy Massage

One of the popular type of massages on our website, is that performed by a soapy massage escort. A soapy massage is usually done by a woman, but there is nothing that says that a man can't offer the service. Whoever is doing it, a soapy massage is something that will really send you away with a huge smile on your face. Female soapy massage escorts really do enjoy this bubbly fun. The service is exactly as it sounds, a massage with soap. The escort will work up a lather and get to work on the lucky guy. These escorts can be young sexy girls, or more mature women. The variety of escort is one of the best parts. When you have a soapy massage, the female escort will usually be completely naked. She will climb on to the lucky guy, and the slipperiness of the soap will let her slide up and down him. This will be an really erotic experience for both of them.

The female soapy massage escorts will usually allow the man to touch them during the experience, though it is always best to check this out before you make the booking. For many, this kind of escort encounter can be sexier than the traditional escort booking. The bubbles up against delicate female skin really is a sight to behold, and the sensation of her siding against him is enough to send many over the edge. If you are wanting to meet these sexy women and enjoy this service, get looking through our pages today. It is perfectly simple to have that perfect date with a female Soapy massage escort. All you need to do is work out where you want to do it. You may want an 'incall' appointment, where you go to an apartment or hotel of the girl's choice. However, if you want to get them to come to you, then it is an 'outcall' appointment you will require. This information is all available on the escort's profile, so it is easy to figure out who does what. So what are you waiting for? Meet one of the soapy massage escorts today. I very much doubt you will be regretting it any time soon.



Spanking tends to be done for the sexual arousal and gratification of the receiver. It can cover anything, from a playful smack when walking next to your partner, to a spank during sex, to using a paddle or cane to fulfill a long held fantasy of the receiver. It tends to be administered onto a bare backside or legs and is particularly popular in relation to bondage, where the feeling of helplessness at the hands of a dominant heightens the arousal the receiver feels.

If you want to give someone a spanking you need to find their limits and find out how they want it to happen. Would they prefer many light hits, or a few hard ones? Are they comfortable with a spanking cane or paddle being used? Will it be part of a roleplay? Establish a safe word with the person you are spanking in case it gets too much. The spanker will need to ready their equipment, if they are using any. The cane, paddle, or other tool will need to be placed in the room where the spanking will happen, so that when the time comes it is within reach and the fun can begin.

For those wanting to receive a spanking, then there isn't a great deal of preparation needed. For some, spanking is something they enjoy so much they have appropriate equipment to help them carry out their spankings, or to receive a spanking on. There are items such as spanking tables, with rests in the right places to ensure the spankee is positioned correctly to receive a good round of six of the best. Others may have spank skirts, which are skirts with a gap at the back to allow easy access to the bum for spanking. If that is something you are interested in then it's all the preparation you'll need to do.

When you are receiving a spanking, remember the safe word. If it gets a bit much for you, you can use it to take a break or end the session. If not, simply enjoy the feeling of a warm hand on your bottom, or the smooth feel of a cane sliding up your leg before it comes down again with a crack on your backside.



During sex, or even just in a domination/submission relationship, spitting can take place and some find it extremely erotic. Spitting can be addressed and seen in two very different, as either degradation or acceptance. Both of the experiences are very contrasting, and so you need to make sure you know exactly which way you want it to happen. The first is that of domination/submission, where the receiver is being punished for something and is spat on to show they are not worthy, allowing the dominant to establish themself as a judge of this person. In this situation it may be accompanied by harsh words and insults to reinforce the spitting action, and they are degraded by the dominant figure. The second way is where the receiver of the spit does so to show that they accept everything about the person spitting on them, and in this situation many will choose to take their partner's spit into their mouth and swallow it. They are saying that they love everything about them and accept them as they are, which is very different to the BDSM spitting.

If spitting is your thing then you need to discuss with your partner what type of spitting you want, as they are very different. Whichever context, you will need to establish who will be spitting and who will receive the spit. If you wish to do the spitting then ensure your partner is comfortable taking your spit and if you wish to be spat on, check that they are happy to do this. While it may sound completely acceptable to you, for some it is an unusual request and it is best to establish some ground rules beforehand.

When getting down to it, it is worth checking again that you are good to go. If everything is still okay then just enjoy the moment. If not, do not try and force your partner. It could make things more difficult for you both in the future. Over time they may still come around to the idea, so don't lose hope!



The squirting fetish is a popular one that involves a woman's orgasm. Some women have the capability to eject fluid during an orgasm, and because of the sudden force is comes out, it is known as a squirt. For many it is a turn on to get such a strong reaction, and many are eager to spend time with a woman who can do it. However, not all women can squirt and not everyone will be capable of doing it. Those women who can squirt will usually know the right things to do in order to achieve it, and so will often guide their partner to help them squirt.

When you are planning on getting your partner to gush, there is some preparation that is needed. You will want to lay down some towels, as it will get wet, or maybe keep things going in a room that is easier to clean. Have some spare towels and wipes ready, or have a hot bath waiting for you both to share afterwards. Start things off by making sure your partner is comfortable and relaxed. If she tenses up, she might not be able to squirt as she is holding herself back. Work your way slowly all over her body to turn her on. The more aroused your partner is, the higher your chances are of getting her to squirt. Get her as turned on as possible without getting her to orgasm.

With the actual squirt, there are some techniques that work well. Rubbing your fingers against her G spot while stimulating her clit is said to help her have the most powerful orgasm of her life, which can lead to her squirting. If it does not happen the first time, don't panic. You can talk to your partner about how they felt and try again another time, as it can take time to get the perfect technique for you and your partner. Enjoy practicing and soon you will find that you can make her squirt.

Slaves Accepted

Slaves Accepted

Strap On is the term used to refer to a sexual toy that is strapped to one person to be used on another person either to tease, perform oral and suck on, or to penetrate (vaginal or anal). Strap Ons are tools for females to use on their partner and can be very popular during Female-Female-Male threesomes, so if you feel like trying something new discuss it with your partner and see if you both like the idea. If you do then it is just a matter of finding the right one for you.

Shopping with your partner for sex toys can help you learn a little about your partner and their interests. If you are just starting out with a strap on, don't underestimate the size! It might not look intimidating right now, but that is in a nice, warm, well-lit shop with lots of space. In the bedroom it might be another matter, so look around. There are strap ons for all occasions, such as smooth for the newcomers, ones shaped to look like a penis, vibrating ones, and some that have added spikes and ridges to enhance the pleasure. See what is available and which you like the look of, and make sure you have plenty of lubrication to hand. If your partner already has one, check to see if you are comfortable with it before you get down to business.

Strap ons, as described before, can be used in a variety of different ways in the bedroom, though the main way is for penetration. If you are going to enjoy it, make sure you use a generous amount of lubrication to help you along. Take it slow and don't rush so that you avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness. Tell your partner what feels good and if you want them to continue - it can be a great turn on for your partner to hear how much you love it and if you want to take more. You know your limits and what you like, so let them know so you can spend more time enjoying it.

For those hoping to use the toy more than once, make sure you clean it thoroughly between uses! You can buy specialised wipes for sex toys, and cleaning them before and after use can help prevent the spread of any nasty infections - making it a much more enjoyable experience overall!



If your partner is submissive it means they are willing to give themself to you completely and let you be in control. You are the dominant figure during your session and lead them where you want them to go.

When you are going to try your hand at being dominant you need to discuss some boundaries with your sub. One of the most important things to do is establish a safe word so that, if it gets a little too intense for your submissive partner, there is something they can say to let you know. It is best to make sure they are comfortable and happy with how things are proceeding throughout the session, so arrange some way for you to check that everything is okay. If there are certain things you wish to try beforehand make sure it is within their capabilities and boundaries and, if they are not comfortable with it, don't force the issue. Submission does not necessarily mean being a slave (though it can be a part of it for some) - it means being able to give yourself over to someone and, most importantly, being able to fully trust someone will take you to your limit and no further.

There are a wide variety of different tools and toys to try with your submissive partner, and all can help to enhance your experience as dom and sub. Some submissives wear collars (either around their necks or more discretely on their wrists or ankles) to show that they have a dominant in their life. Restraints, such as handcuffs, can be very useful for keeping them under your control, and whips and paddles can be fun for a bit of spanking if they stray from their role or your orders too much.

The main part of submission is not the toys, but the mind. For some people, they will want to follow your every command and please you however they can without the need for whips or chains to keep them in line. On the other hand, some may want them desperately to know when they are going wrong, so make sure you discuss this with your partner before you get underway. Over time you will get to know each other better and can learn your limits, which makes these sessions easier.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

It is fair to say that Swedish massage is the most recognised and commonly used form of massage. That means that if you are looking for a sexy young girl or a hot mature woman to perform this service, then you shouldn't really be struggling for choice. A female Swedish massage escort will traditionally use five different of strokes. There is effleurage (sliding and gliding) petrissage (kneading) tapotement (rhythmic tapping) friction (cross fiber or with the fibers) and vibration and shaking. All these can be done with varying levels of strength, so you will need to explain how hard you want it to the woman you meet.

Swedish massage is is good for reducing pain and joint stiffness, as well as other muscle related issues. On top of that, the company of a sexy female makes it even more fun. Anyone considering seeing a female Swedish massage escort needs to realise that the term 'Swedish massage' only applies in English and Dutch speaking countries, as well as Hungary. In other nations, it is known as 'classic massage'. So if the woman you call isn't sure what you are talking about, remember to bear this in mind.

There are two different kinds of Swedish massage escorts. There are those who perform incalls, and those who perform outcalls. An incall escort will want you to come round to their hotel or apartment, whilst an outcall escort is able to come to a place of your choosing. All the information is available on the escort profile, so it is a case of looking for the boy or girl who fits your criteria. Meet a female Swedish massage escort today. It really will be an experience you can't get enough off.

Tantra Massage


There are many different types of massage techniques, and Tantric, or Tantra Massage, is just one of many. The focus of tantric massage is to awaken the chakras (energy centres) in your body to make you feel more aware and immersed in the experience. It combines traditional massage with your sexual energy to create a very heightened experience, a more intimate connection with your partner, and an ending that can be described as better than sex, when done correctly. Why not find out for yourself and try it with your partner?

Remember, while one of the benefits from tantric massage is that it creates sexual arousal, there is a difference between tantra massage and an erotic tantra massage, so check and explain which you'd like when talking with your partner before you try it. They may be more comfortable starting off with a tantra massage instead of an erotic tantra massage. The best preparation for a tantric massage is relaxation. Concentrate on taking slow, deep breaths, and don't worry about getting a bit excited during the massage. If you find that it does happen and your arousal makes you feel uncomfortable, make sure you let your partner know. Otherwise, simply enjoy the sensations as it is designed to help strengthen the connection with your partner.

If you are going to try giving your partner a tantra massage, or just want to return the favour once you've received yours, start by creating a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Try to minimise distractions in the area, so choose lighting that isn't too bright, and play music that is soft and gentle. Candles with a subtle scent can also help to relax your partner, but make sure you don't choose a scent that is overpowering, as breathing is important for the massage. When massaging, start with light touches and concentrate on how your partner responds. If you feel the connection between you and your partner is strong while massaging a particular area, keep at it for a while longer before you move on. If you are trying an erotic tantric massage, ensure both you and your partner are happy to proceed to that point before you begin to massage the sexual organs. As with the tantra massage, start with slow, light touches and build from there, as the slowly climb up can be very rewarding for both you and your partner.

Tea Bagging

Tea Bagging

Tea bagging is the slang for placing a man's scrotum in the mouth of their partner. Some prefer to keep them there, while others like to take them into and out of their mouth repeatedly. This is what gives it its name, as dipping a tea bag into a cup of water to make tea has a similar method to putting a man's balls into someone's mouth. When done correctly, it can feel fantastic. In fact, there is almost nothing better.

The scrotum is a sensitive area of the body, so make sure you pay it the right kind of attention. When you are going to take part in tea bagging, you want it to be as good for your partner as it is for you. You might want to consider tidying up a bit down there by keeping your pubic hair neat and trimmed. If you'd rather have that smooth feeling, then consider waxing or shaving. You'll also want to make sure you are squeaky clean so there are no unpleasant surprises. The cleaner you are, the dirtier you can get!

There are a huge range of different techniques to consider for tea-bagging, just as with oral sex, and only you will know what you like. Experimenting and communicating with each other are the keys to success. Why not try some of the following techniques and see if they work for you? During the warm up, start with oral sex and begin to gently tug on the balls. As you get more into it, try licking your way to the scrotum before popping it into your mouth. Make sure you keep your teeth well out of the way as you gently suck on the balls. Try moving them in and out of the mouth and increase the pressure with which you suck and squeeze. Remember that everyone likes different things, so start off with these basics and listen to your partner as they say what feels best to ensure you both get the most from the experience.

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing system which combines acupressure and assisted yoga positions. Though you will find most Thai masseurs are female, the person who invented it was actually male. This service is becoming ever more popular, with Thai massage escorts gaining quite a reputation for themselves.

Traditional Thai massage doesn't use any oils, and the recipient is usually clothed. Although there is constant body contact between the client and the Thai massage escort, instead of rubbing, the girl or boy compresses, pulls, stretches and rocks the body. When you visit your female Thai massage escort, it is recommended you wear loose, comfortable clothes. You will then be required to lie on a mattress or a mat whilst the man or woman gets to work on you. You will then be put into various yoga positions by the escort, whilst you remain completely passive.

A female Thai massage escort believes that the body is permeated with 'lom' or 'air' which is breathed into the lungs and then goes through some 72,000 pathways called 'sen' which the practitioner will then manipulate manually. There are a wider variety of female Thai massage escorts. You can have younger girls, or more mature women. As it is not an encounter that is sexual in nature, many clients enjoy going back to the escort that actually makes them feel the best, and not necessarily the best looking.

So if you are wanting to free your body of the strains and stresses of life, then meet up with a Thai massage escort today. When you want to meet one of the female Thai massage escorts, that will be two types of girls who offer the service. There will be incall escorts, who need you to come and see them, and outcall escorts who are happy to come and meet you. The one you meet depends completely on your preference, and all this information is available on the escort profile. Once you have decided which service you want, pick up the phone and make the appointment.

Tie Tease

Tie Tease

Tie and tease is a sexual activity that is very popular among couples. It involves one person being tied up or tied to something (such as a bed or a chair) and the other teasing the person as much as they can for as long as they can. The sessions can last anything from five minutes to several hours, and the teasing can be done in a variety of ways to ensure maximum pleasure, without reaching the big finale, is achieved. Many use the method to try and find where their sexual limits are and to help them push past them.

As with some other fetishes, tie and tease is one where it is best to establish a safe word before the session gets underway. If you feel at all uncomfortable with how the session is progressing, use it so that you can discuss what you want to change or what would help you feel more at ease during the session. For the ties, you can use anything to hand, though many people prefer to use professional restraints made for the task (such as under bed restraints or handcuffs) to give the session a bit more of a realistic feel. Your partner should check that the restraints feel okay where they are and adjust them if you need it.

Now comes the fun part. The teasing can be done in any manner of ways. Your partner may prefer to undress very slowly in front of you and watch you fight against the restraints to get your hands on them, or they may rub oils all over your body, just skimming past the one place you really want them to touch. Remember, the teasing can go on for as long as you let it and want it to, and there does not need to be a happy ending. It can just be a session of teasing, with your partner seeing if they can drive you wild without getting to the final act. Make it clear to your partner what kind of tie-and-tease you are looking for, so that you can enjoy it as it happens.



As the years go by, domination escorts have become more and more popular. What was once seen as the domain of sick people who got up to horrible stuff in dirty dungeons, it is now accepted that this is a perfectly normal pursuit. This was shown with the popularity of the book and film 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. One of the most exciting form of dominations is that performed by a training escort. This is a form of domination which makes the submissive act like an animal.

Training escorts are usually female, though there are men who like performing the act too. It is up to you to look through the website and find what you like. A female training escort will always be in a position of dominance. As pets are usually submissive, the sub will pick out an animal that he likes and will act as such. This form of domination can come under a few different names. There is 'dog training' and 'pet play', amongst others.

When you are in the company of a female training escort, she will make you bow to her every command. She may even make you wear a lead and walk around with you. This is a great way to let out your submissive side, and is a lot of fun. If you acting as an animal, remember, you won't be allowed to use real human words. If you are acting as a dog, you will only be able to bark as a dog. The commands to you will be short and simple, like 'up' or 'potty'. You may also have to use a bowl to drink out of and use a litter box instead of a toilet.

Female training escorts come in all shapes in sizes. Some can be pretty young girls, whilst others can be more mature women. It is a commonly held belief that an older woman is better here, as they have the maturity to play the dominant role better, though this really is down to the individual. Have a look through their escort reviews to find out who is the best in this field. It is very easy to have the perfect date with a female training escort. All you need to do is work out where you want to meet them. If you would rather travel away from your home, then see an incall escort. If you want someone to come round to your house or hotel, then it is an outcall escort you are looking for. To be fair, as a training encounter usually needs props such as leads and bowls, most female training escorts are going to be incall.

Try out a new experience today. Wouldn't it be exciting to test what your limits are?



The fetish of trampling is one that involves another person physically walking all over you or on specific areas such as on your back, chest, stomach, and even your face or genitalia. While it can be done barefoot, often the trampler will wear heels to inflict pain on the receiver with each step they take. This makes the practice very popular in the domination scene, with many slaves wishing to provide a good ground for their master to walk on. It is also popular for those with a foot fetish, as they get to see their partner in sexy shoes and stockings walking up and down their naked body. It can be pleasurable for the giver and the receiver when done correctly.

To best prepare for a trampling session, you should discuss what you want with your partner and make sure you both understand what will happen. Outline which area of your body you would like trampling and what you want them to wear while it happens, if you have a preference. This helps to establish any boundaries you want in place while also ensuring that you get what you want. When starting out, make sure you take it slow at first while your body gets used to the sensation. If you need a break, make sure you have a safe word established so that your partner knows exactly when you need them to stop. If you don't, it can be difficult to communicate your feelings on the session to your partner. If you're enjoying it and want to try more, tell your partner this as well.

Just like with sex, you should be able to tell your partner what feels good and what works for you so that you can both get the most from the session. Once you're done, you can discuss which parts worked best for you so that the next time you are both better prepared and know what to expect. Remember that communication is the key to being trampled the way you want.



A uniform is simply clothing worn by someone in a particular role, such as police officer, and health officers. They are used to identify them to those in need, but the uniforms have a certain sex appeal. Unfortunately, for some, real uniforms will forever be a fantasy. However, the accessibility of uniforms and costumes has enabled couples to enjoy a bit of uniform fun in the comfort of their own homes.

Uniforms and dressing up has become increasingly popular in the bedroom. It allows you to fulfill your fantasies in a safe environment with someone you find attractive. There is such a range of uniforms that you can use that there is bound to be something to suit your every desire, and most people enjoy trying on uniforms to explore a bit of fun in the bedroom. Have a look around and see what kind of uniform appeals to you and your partner. If there is something you both like, then you are off to a great start!

When exploring the world of dressing up, the only preparation you need is checking that your partner has the outfit you desire to take them out of (or keep them in for a bit more fun). If they don't, there are plenty of different places you can go to buy what you are looking for. While the clothes help them to look the part, you might also want to consider getting the right accessories. An army soldier may want to apply some face-paint, ready for battle, a mischievous maid will need a feather duster to clean you up, a naughty nurse might need a stethoscope to check your heart rate, and if you are using the school girl uniform think of appropriate props to help get fully immersed in the experience. Remember, it is all part of the fun.

Uniforms is not just about what to wear and the toys you have, but it's also about how you act and speak. To really enjoy it, you must get into the role completely. That is when you have the most fun. If you are in the role of firefighter, make sure all of your attention is on the person you need to "help" and "save", and make sure the situation isn't too hot to handle. For a sexy police officer, let them slap the handcuffs on you and take you away. With an air stewardess, they may need to come and inspect the cockpit before you can take flight. There is no limit to what you can do.

Video Chat

Video Chat

Video chats are quite simple to understand. When you enjoy an escort video chat, they will be sitting in front of a webcam so that they can talk to you. You can see everything that they do and hear all of the things that they say and the noises that they make, which is a great alternative to a date if you aren't in the same town as each other. You get to see their sexy female figure tempting you on the camera, giving you a taste of the things that you will get to see and enjoy when you see them again in the future.

Sometimes, your schedule can make it difficult to spend time with someone. That is why video chat escorts are becoming more and more popular. They give you the chance to see and talk to your favourites, even if you aren't in the same city or town as them. You no longer have to wait for them to get back to touring in your area, as you can arrange to see them and talk to them no matter where they are. It is the perfect way to have fun with your favourite girls and get to know them a little better.

The different things that you can do with video chats are limited only by your imagination. You can simply talk and catch up, or you can ask them to put on a little show for you. You can watch as they temptingly wiggle their hips in some lacy lingerie for you to watch, stripping out of them in the most teasing striptease you'll ever get to see, as no matter how much you want to you won't be able to touch them. When booking a video chat, make sure you have nothing that will interrupt you. Switch off your phone and have only the video chat open so that your sexy video chat isn't disturbed.

If you want to enjoy a sexy video chat with your favourite female, try to book it when they will be coming to your town soon. If you plan it for a week before, you get to be turned on and teased, and then when you meet them you can remind them of the naughty and kinky things they did for you on the chat. You can even get them to re-enact what you saw, but this time it will be with the added perk of actually being there with them. Why not book a video chat escort now and see just how much fun you will have being teased by the hottest women?



Known by many other names (urolagnia, urophilia, undinism, golden showers), watersports is the sexual excitement when thinking about or seeing urine. The fetish is more commonly associated with being covered in urine or covering someone else in it. Some take it even further by getting more arousal when they swallow it or see another swallow it. Often taking place in a bathroom or wet-room, this fetish can create a lot of mess to clean up, sometimes with the receiver doing their duty to make the place spotless again. A lot of the time it is associated with domination, and so the dominant in the relationship will urinate on the submissive, with the submissive accepting it to demonstrate their worth as a slave or as a sub.

Watersports is not something that can be done immediately. It is a fetish that does require preparation to ensure the bladder is nice and full, ready for the treat you'll get later on. If you are the giver, you will need to make sure you drink plenty of fluids beforehand so that, when the time comes, you can perform the way you hope to. If you are the receiver, then make sure you give your partner plenty of notice and set time aside for it. There is nothing more frustrating then not having enough time to prepare and having to try and force it - let it happen more naturally and it will be even more enjoyable for both of you.

During your session the time will come when you or your partner, depending on who is delivering the surprise, will be ready. Take yourselves off to the agreed spot and get ready for the warm golden juice to fall. Once it is done, why not suggest your partner rubs it in on you, or themselves for you? If you are in a dominant relationship, order them to. You can then carry on as you planned or even jump in the shower together for some soapy fun to wash away the urine.

Webcam Sex

Webcam Sex

A growing medium for sex is the use of webcams. Webcam sex allows the participants to enjoy an encounter with the added challenge of being physically apart, meaning that showing, teasing, and telling are the key ways to succeed at it. As you cannot physically reach each other, describing what would happen and showing what you would like to do if you were together is important. It has grown in popularity due to the busy lives that people lead, meaning you can still have a very healthy sex life even if you are away from your partner. The added pleasure of teasing or being teased to reveal all can enhance the encounter, which makes it all the more exciting when you do finally see each other. Getting set up and ready for webcam sex can be almost as much fun as the meeting itself!

Choosing which sexy underwear to wear and just what to hide it under can help build the anticipation for the session. Once the right outfit has been chosen, thinking of just how you will tease your partner simply adds fuel to the fire until you find yourself counting down the minutes until your webcam date.

It is easy to set up, if you have access to a computer and the internet, and can be extremely fun to do. You can arrange what time with your partner and get the computer set up and ready. Many websites allow you to set up accounts for free so that you can enjoy a webcam chat with the person of your choice, and some can be installed on your computer for use whenever you desire, making webcam sex an ideal choice for some fun and games. Simply sign up with an email, add the person you will be participating with, and wait for the show to begin. It is clear to see why this is a growing fetish to enjoy, as it is very straightforward to work and can be very pleasurable to participate in.

When the time comes, let things happen naturally. You can spend a little time talking to your partner to make you both feel more comfortable before the fun starts. If you are putting on a show for your partner, do it slowly. Take off your clothing one item at a time, just to tease them. You could even ask them to direct you in what comes off first. If you are watching, just sit back and enjoy.



A '69' is where both the man and the woman give each other oral sex at the same time. The term '69' comes from the position where both parties have their heads down in the others crotch, making the pair look literally like a 69! This position is obviously very good for both the man and the woman as it allows mutual stimulation. It has also gained a lot of popularity through it's use in porn movies.

There a few different positions that can be used when engaging in a 69. The most common one is where the woman sits on top of the mans face, while her head gives him oral sex. When doing this one, the guy may find it slightly hard to breathe for obvious reasons. It is therefore very important to have a method of communication which lets the woman know that he needs to get a bit of oxygen.

A possibly more comfortable position for the guy during a 69 is for both partners to lie on their side. This gives them access to the other ones genitals, but also means the breathing is less restricted. A 69 can be done with or without the use of a condom. This is something that would need to be discussed with the escort in advance of the booking.

Engaging in a 69 can be a lot of fun for all involved, and that is why is has become one of the most popular services the escorts on out. Why not have a look around and see which of them can give you this mind-blowing experience?