21 Dollar Strip Tease(Play on PC for optimal experience).

The idea is to collect the Black Jack of Dollars in your wallet - the amount equal to $21. In the beginning you have no money in your wallet ($0). But dollars banknotes, as always, are falling from the sky. You may catch any banknote, and take it to your wallet (click on falling dollars, it will move to your wallet at the top of the screen). Also you may see a kind of store at the left side with some items for sale. You may buy any item, if you have enough money in your wallet.

Try to collect the amount in your wallet just equal to $21 (Black Jack), by catching falling dollars and buying some items. When you have the Black Jack amount $21 in your wallet, you win the set, and go to the next level. Beautiful stripper Florane Russell will support you with her hot show on your heavy duty job (catching dollars from the sky, and buying unnecessaries...)

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