Scarlit Scandal

Scarlit Scandal pornstar

Place of birth

Fort Pierce, Florida, USA


April 27, 1999

Eye Color



5' 1" (1.55 m)


Various flower, ribbon, arrow and geometric designs on the inside of her left forearm and a fishing hook in water design on her left hand

Social media


Hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, Scarlit Scandal was a high achiever on her high school’s track team as well as an ardent porn fan long before she made her industry debut. In fact, Scarlit Scandal used to follow several adult models on Twitter and she explained in her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview that; “I started finding models on Twitter. So the director would retweet their shit and I was like, ‘So this is where this work is coming from’. And that’s what really opened me up to all the directors, the camera guys, the models, everything—was Twitter. That was like my plug for Twitter”.

Intrigued by these performers and the adult industry in general, Scarlit Scandal emailed adult talent agency Motley Models and asked about how to pursue a career in porn. Within two days, Scarlit Scandal was contacted by Motley Models owner Dave Rock who offered to fly Scarlit out to Los Angeles, California, the next day in order to shoot her porn debut. Although Scarlit did not fly out the next day, she did ultimately fly out to Los Angeles a month later whereupon she began spending time with other Motley Models performers who all lived together in the same house. Talking about this pivotal period of her life during her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview, Scarlit Scandal recounted how;

“I went to the Motley [Twitter] page because I was lurking on this girl’s page. And I was like, ‘hmm, I wonder if this process is hard?’ Because I’ve always wondered how people actually get into porn. I’ve always searched on Google, ‘how to get into porn,’ and nothing comes up…He [Motley Models owner Dave Rock] called me and he was like, ‘We can fly you out tomorrow…We want you. I was like, ‘I can’t fly out tomorrow. This is a lot. I didn’t even think you guys were going to email me back.’ He was like, ‘Why? You have an amazing look. You should’ve been doing this…’ All this great stuff and I’m just like shocked…

I was like is this really happening? I feel like this is kind of a scam. Part of me was like, ‘Is it real?’ And then part of me was like, ‘Maybe this is your go. This is your chance.’ And I’m like, ‘OK, well, how about I think about this. Because you want me to come out super soon’…The other Motley girls at the house. They clicked with me and made me feel like I was at home and always made sure I was doing stuff with them, whether it was going out to get coffee or going shopping and I was like, ‘OK, this is cool. It’s like a little family’. So I went back home for two weeks and flew back out the second time and it was just cake. I didn’t even want to go back to Florida. I was like, ‘Fuck no, I don’t want to go back’. And everything since then has been crazy, amazing and insane. It doesn’t feel real still. From the followers to all the people I’m meeting that I’ve watched in my personal life and I’m working with them. I fucking love it”.

Scarlit Scandal continues to receive high praise from Motley Models owner Dave Rock who advocated in Scarlit’s October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview that she is one of the hottest teen pornstars and black pornstars in the industry today. As Dave Rock puts it in his own words; “She’s drop-dead gorgeous, super fit and her personality is just so infectious. Other talent and the studios often compliment us on how great she is to work with and the passionate, sexual performances she gives on their sets. Being that she was a high achiever in high school track, it doesn’t surprise me to hear she delivers high-energy scenes. She’s really coming into her own on social media as well. She’s been good at keeping her Insta clean and I don’t think that girl can take a bad photo. Even better, her ability to cross-promote the studio work she’s doing is super valuable and will only grow as her brand continues to expand. Motley is all-in on Scarlit Scandal and we are looking forward to watching her become the superstar we know she is”

Scarlit Scandal made her official porn debut in March 2019 when she filmed a sizzling scene with Rob Piper for Mike Quasar’s Diabolic Video release Booty Jackin’ #7 (2019) which also stars Kinsley Karter, Jada Doll and Ashley Aleigh. Before then, Scarlit had filmed an initial scene with Andre Garcia for the amateur porn site Girls Do Porn. Scarlit Scandal enjoyed shooting Booty Jackin’ #7 with Mike Quasar and Rob Piper, divulging in her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview that; “Quasar’s amazing. He is just a ball of energy. I remember it like it was yesterday. The drive to set was so nerve-wracking. I couldn’t believe for one that I was seeing fucking mountains. Because there’s no mountains in Florida. So I was like this is crazy…It wasn’t my first porno. It was my second one because I did one for an amateur site before Motley. It was for GirlsDoPorn. I was like, ‘I’m a model. I’m an adult performer.’ I’m literally in there with the other girls and the other guys…[On working with Rob Piper] We hit it off instantly. We’re super good friends now. He gives me good advice. He’s always on my ass about constant uploading…He helps me get my shit done, which is really cool”.

Scarlit Scandal’s impressive performance in Black To School earned her a wholehearted endorsement from director Mike Quasar who highlighted in Scarlit’s October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview how; “I’m always worried when I’m shooting a brand new girl because sometimes they don’t understand the process or they seem uncomfortable—which in turn makes me uncomfortable—but Scarlit was an immediate burst of positive energy. I absolutely love shooting her. If she can avoid the stereotypical temptations of youth she’ll have a great career”.

Spurred on by the success of her porn debut, Scarlit Scandal began to shoot a wide range of compelling web clips for many popular porn networks.

Scarlit Scandal enjoys performing in porn and she conveyed in her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview how; “I like how I get to embrace my sexuality now without being judged…I always wanted to get professional pictures taken but I never had that chance. So I would just prop my camera up, take my own pictures and edit them. But I obviously couldn’t post them. Now I’m like posting my ass all over Twitter…Everyone that I’ve met so far is super cool and welcoming. It’s very exciting. I have to say that it doesn’t feel like work”.

In addition to her hot hardcore scenes, Scarlit Scandal is a popular girl/girl performer who has starred in many lusty lesbian releases. You have to check out Scarlit Scandal’s steamy Double Dip scene with Shyla Jennings for Babes in July 2019, her sensual Dipping And Dripping scene with Autumn Falls for Reality Kings in July 2019, her raunchy Clip And Curl roleplay with Piper Cox for Twistys in October 2019 and her intensely alluring Extreme Desire scene with Gia Derza for Lesbian X in November 2019. In particular, Scarlit Scandal’s sizzling Dipping And Dripping scene with Autumn Falls earned her an ardent endorsement from director Billy Visual who advocated in Scarlit Scandal’s October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview how; “Scarlit Scandal is definitely a ‘Fresh Face’ to keep your eye on! I had her recently on set for Reality Kings. An easy way to gauge a new talent and whether or not they have the attitude for this business, is have a new girl shoot outside in the sun in cold water! Because we all know pools in California aren’t really heated. While a lot of new girls would cringe and hate the experience her attitude was amazing, which made for an easy, smooth day! And an amazing scene!”.

Most notably, Scarlit Scandal shared a sensual scene with Morgan Rain in the Girlfriends Films release Cheer Squad Sleepovers #32 (2019). Featuring Natalia Queen, Emma Starletto, Athena Faris, Verronica Kirei, Savannah Sixx and Veronica Valentine, Cheer Squad Sleepovers #32 was recommended by Adult DVD Talk porn critic Captain Jack who stated in his October 2019 film review that; “Girlfriends Films returns to the cheerleading camp with 8 young girls who get their lesbian fix in. Natalia Queen, Emma Starletto, Morgan Rain, Scarlit Scandal, Athena Faris, Verronica Kirei, Savannah Sixx and Veronica Valentine are the young girls who look great in their cheerleaders uniforms! And out of them too!…This was a hot release from Girlfriends Films. Emma and Natalia were tremendous together! Damn, these young girls were really into each other. Morgan and Scarlit were very good together. Savannah and Veronica were hot! And Athena and Verronica had great chemistry. Very good release!”.

Scarlit Scandal has no plans to slow down anytime soon. In fact, Scarlit Scandal has already been announced as an official Trophy Girl for the 2020 AVN Awards alongside fellow rising starlet Aliya Brynn. Talking about her future career plans within her October 2019 AVN: Fresh Faces interview, Scarlit Scandal mentioned that; “I plan on doing this for a long time, too. I want to make a name for myself—a brand. I told Dave [owner of Motley Models] on the phone, ‘if I do this I’m going to be the next big thing.’ Like one of the next big stars. And he was like ‘Well, we’ll see.’ And I haven’t proven him wrong yet. I’ve been doing my damn thing. I’ve been making good impressions. I’ve just been positive and getting my shit done. Keeping my head in the right place. And we’re good so far. We’re out here doing the damn thing”.

Scarlit posed for her first nude shoot for Playboy Plus in February, 2020.

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